We made 4T in SCT: George Argnes.

Container Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), George Organis Diaz Lyal assures that, from the agency, Participates in the construction of the fourth change (Q4)A However, the senators themselves. Black He warned her that the institution was real. Example of “old and rheumatic elephant”

The Secretary appeared before the Senate Communications and Transportation Commission, where he answered questions from its members. President’s last government report. Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.

In this regard, Argus Diaz Lyal responded to the senators’ doubts about the works at Phelps Angeles International Airport, Mian Train, Mexico-Toloka Train, road infrastructure, Okaska.

George Argnes Diaz assures that SCT makes Q4.

The federal official assured that he believed that “we are not only doing the work but also We are contributing to the fourth transformation of Mexico.

“The government, led by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is building the future, based on public policies to combat poverty and well-being, and the production of infrastructure is one of its tools.”


Therefore, he acknowledged that he needed the support of Congress for the resources needed for all projects.

During the interrogation, almost at the end of the appearance, the senator. Black, Soledad Luévano Cantú, pointed out. SCT That this federal agency It has not been touched by 4T.

“It’s unfortunate, because I haven’t seen the Fourth Amendment knock on the door of this secretariat yet. It doesn’t seem to depend on what the president can count on.”


AIFA will be completed in 660 days as per schedule.

Earlier, opposition senators raised questions. development of Philip Angeles International Airport. (AIFA) And through communication, Argnes Diaz Lyal assured that all progress is on schedule.

According to the report submitted to us by AIFA, we have held periodic meetings with the defense, which is 75.6% till October 11. And from what I have seen, I estimate that it will be completed and confirmed in 660 days, which are set for completion.

Among the questions, PRD Senator Miguel Angel Manseira also asked the head of. SCT To report the accident in which Rafael Moreno Valle and his wife lost their lives.

In this regard, the federal official replied: SCT Through the Federal Civil Aviation Agenda, relevant investigations and opinions, the results of which were delivered on time. To this day, the government of the state of Puebla is in its hands and is signing the relevant responsibilities.



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