We need to be dreamers – Antonio Conte teases big plans for Tottenham’s season

Antonio Conte believes the sense of anticipation around Tottenham is justified given their transfer activity and he wants fans to dream big before the start of the new season.

The Purs entertain Southampton on Saturday in the Premier League opener, which will feature several signings after the club enjoyed one of the strongest and most consistent summer seasons in a long time.

The arrival of Ivan Perisic in May brought the ball off the ground, followed by Fraser Forster, Yves Bissouma, Richarlison and Jed Spence, with Clement Lenglet also joining the squad on loan from Barcelona. It feels like Tottenham haven’t finished yet and that has raised expectations.

Although upsetting Manchester City and Liverpool seems unlikely, Conte sent a message to fans on the eve of their first match.

He said: “I should be a realist, but I am a dreamer. We need to be dreamers, because if you are dreamers, then this, along with work, can bring you something incredible in your life.

“It has happened many times in the past, but at the same time you have to be realistic and see the reality.

“It is good for our fans to be excited because if they see that we are going in the right direction with a good vision, that the club is fully involved in this project and process, for these reasons they should be excited. And the players and I will go together.”

Parallels can be drawn between Conte’s sentiments and that of the late Bill Nicholson, Tottenham’s manager the last time they were English champions in 1961.

Nicholson recalled: “It is better to fail by aiming high than to succeed by aiming low. At Spurs, we set ourselves very high goals, so even failure will have an echo of glory in it.

Glorious failure has been synonymous with Tottenham almost since Nicholson’s time, but many fans believe Conte can at least end the club’s trophy drought that began in 2008.

“Certainly the fans are right to be excited. I am excited because I am happy and live at this time with joy, ”the Italian insisted.

“We are on the right path and have started the path. If we follow this path, we can reach an important level in the future.

“After only seven months, if I start talking about winning the Premier League and the Champions League, this or that trophy, it will be presumptuous and arrogant, but in my experience I feel that we have started a good path and should continue to follow this. track.

“It takes time and patience for the team and the club to grow and be competitive every season and fight to win something, but we have to fight to do our best to win something and then we’ll see.”

What Conte and the rest of his managerial rivals in the Premier League have to deal with this season is a six-and-a-half-week hiatus from competition during the winter months.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicks off November 21 and runs through December 18, leaving a sense of uncertainty as to when national top-flight football will resume on Boxing Day.

I should be a realist, but I’m a dreamer. We need to be dreamers, because if you are dreamers, then this, along with work, can bring you something incredible in your life.Antonio Conte

He added: “This is the first time we are facing such a situation and we do not know how best to spend the two parts of the season.

“In my opinion – and what I asked my gym coach – is to work and prepare very well during these four months and be focused on these four months. The most important thing is to achieve good results, and not try to think ahead.

“It will be very important to go step by step, game by game, then you will start the Champions League and you have to be ready to overcome your group and then we’ll see. A lot of strange things can happen.”