“We want laws that protect women and their children from the imagination” for the life of the group PN.

Pedres Negra, COAH – emphasizing that The rules must be respected, But used to take the life of the weak without it, it is like one. Collective group of people in favor of life.Demonstrated against the controversial decision of Supreme Court of the Nation declaring abortion illegal..

Susanna Pereira, A member of one of the groups that spoke out for women’s rights and who could not defend themselves, pointed out that the movement United Mexico And there is no difference between them. Life and death, Demand a great national agreement, where all societies intervene to defend their lives. Pregnancy.

The group member explained the decision Magistrate and Magistrate., Causing them to compete as enemies. Women and their children Those in the womb highlight that Abortion No one solves Trouble, Indicates that it is needed. Rules of the Protect children From In the imagination and in the whole being.


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