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Yes, we know that lean, from the hackers we see in the best of cases.

Yes, they want you or your baby to use the smartphone, but you probably can’t use the tools that will make you happy in one day.

Aquellos que buscan oportunidades, anoten este termino: “Gerontotecnología”. ¿If there was a creative industry of guides and apparatus for adult mayors, why not give it a go in the digital world? So here it is.

First, let us know what we have. Ayer en Cancún inició un congreso de dos d ls llamado LATAMICT22, organized by Huawei; ICT refines the information and telecommunications technologies, and the event referred to in 2022 in Latin America.

What is there to say is an enormous negativity of 3 billion dollars (trillion).

The 5G is the new game of gambling, this is the gambling in the market of the encounter by Daniel Hajj, Director of American Movil. Claro, the best selling service on the internet and supreme, approved. But yes, those who have the best negotiations are not Telcel or ATT, who are tired of the data.

Claro said that they have given us, but the mayors are coming and we are trying to develop a system to sell technology, like the technological Google, for example.

The Hajj will take place this month, the 18 largest cities in Mexico – including 48 million people – 5G or 5G, and has reached the final stage of more than 120 publications that are located.

¿Y eso qué? To quickly understand what it means to seek the ultimate veg that was created in a concierge or in the International Ciudad of Mexico. Video NL Cellular has no problem. The messages are all long and it is impossible to sell an internet song.

Due to the fact that the smartphones are “en fila” trying to receive or receive data on an antenna.

Hajj dijo que con la 5G, es possible dar servicio hasta a un millón de dispositos por kilmetro cuadrado. There is no state of the art that is very important.

The latency in 5G is a millennium, a lot. To be cherished, this is a piece of data from a couple of times before it was too late for you to come to the cerebellum in which you were told to accept a cachetada, let alone in front of the man.

What is provocative is that we connect more apparatus. Be sure to note that a person connects to the Internet on their cellular, a smartwatch and an inline application.

There are plenty of apps that have “intelligent” cases, along with the lentils with the latest cameras that Rayban has created to join Facebook for their photos, and the dispositions that have been published by families while they are still alive, no matter what they do. Different minutes. And this is the point that made Patricia Morsch, a specialist in “salvageable envelope”, who dedicates a good part of her time to combat “edism”, a discrimination present in the digital world, which is happening in the digital world, somewhere internet. for the youngest.

The creation of prototypes and apparatus apparatus to prolong the functional capacity of the person is, to declare the assistants to LATAMICT22, a negativity poco explored with a mercado logically creatively.

This is gerontotechnology, dijo.

More often than not, the casino de + Simple, a platform designed for Buenos Aires designed to help people encounter digitized hermes that facilitate their livelihoods. You can read the diary, communicate with family and friends, use the web and social media, hack new friends, attend events

The event was organized in Cancún to reveal the new dimensions that led to the red 5G, which rompered the sensory barrier that was limited to a single panel, sea of ​​smartphones or other type. The realization aumenta will allow the realization of surgeries and mechanical mechanics and distances, enter other ventures.

With this proposition, Huawei, the telecommunications infrastructure provider with the mayor’s participation in the mercado in Mexico, received 20 per cent of its ideas on innovation and development. We have new apps, new ideas and new negotiations.

Director General de Propectos Especiales y Ediciones Regionales de Meczyki

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