“We will resist and we will get Morena out,” de Hoves told AMLO.

Entrepreneur Gustavo de Hoes, architect of the Go For Mexico alliance, along with Claudio X Gonzalez Gujardo, responded to President Andres Manuel Lپpez Obrador when he called his last meeting with the leaders of the Pan parties “political secrets”, PRI and PRD

Through his Twitter account, the former president of Coppermax warned that the Coppermax coalition would resist, and even more, announced that he would expel Morena from the national palace in the 2024 election.

“President LopezBrador: The #VaPorMéxico coalition, promoted by VaSiPorMx, is united in different governments and free citizens to overcome the actions of bad government. The image he cites is historic: we will resist and Then we’ll drive Morena out of the National Palace. Wrote.

More on this topic: AMLO qualifies meeting of Claudio X Gonzalez, Hughes and opposition parties as “political bias”

Yesterday, President Lopez Obrador released a photo of the meeting at the morning conference, which was held by de Hoos and Claudio X Gonzalez with the leaders of the Pan, PRI, PRD parties, in which they formed their electoral and legislative alliance. Sealed so that any action and advance could be stopped. Of black.


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