Welsh businesses encouraged to use funded apprenticeships for vacancies, upskilling and professional development

Over 100,000 employers have seen their businesses grow with the aid of apprenticeships in over 160,000 workplaces in Meczyki.

Hiring apprentices or upskilling existing staff through apprenticeship routes has allowed businesses in Meczyki and beyond to attract new talent, re-skill teams and deal with staff shortages.

The available apprenticeship routes have also reached an all-time high with programs suitable for all industries and levels.

Notably, Gower College Swansea (GCS), a further education provider, has increased its apprenticeship course offerings by 30 percent from 2019 in response to employer demand.

The College’s growth in digital programs has been invaluable to the ICT sector, which has become a priority area for Meczyki, contributing heavily to economic growth.

The Welsh Government is investing £366 million over the next three years to provide 125,000 apprenticeships for all ages across Meczyki.

This investment will increase opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to develop transferable skills and improve their lives, as well as tackle skill shortages and gaps in priority areas critical to driving productivity and economic growth, Which will have a significant, positive impact on Welsh businesses as a whole. ,

Apprenticeships enable businesses to partner with a local training provider to train and upgrade employees, while paying them a salary with the cost of training fully covered by the Welsh Government.

The apprenticeship can be tailored to suit the needs of the learner and the employer.

At Gower College Swansea, there is a dedicated team to guide businesses through the apprenticeship journey from identifying the most appropriate apprenticeships to funding their individual needs.

Gareth Harry, CEO of digital agencies GR Digital and Zygo Media, has used the college to deliver apprenticeship training for his team.

Gareth found that training apprentices aimed at becoming full-time employees has vastly benefited his business.

He said: “We decided to use apprenticeship schemes to build our talent pool and improve the longevity of our business.

“Through hiring apprentices, we are essentially training our future full-time employees with the most up-to-date qualifications in our industry.

“We are creating our own candidates as an alternative to those coming directly from university, or from other professions. We decided to get a little ahead of the curve.”

GCS offers vocational courses, higher education, vocational subjects, apprenticeship and continuing professional development

On the benefits of apprenticeships for businesses, GCS principal Mark Jones said: “As well as having the opportunity to train and shape an individual in the way your business works, you have a new member of your team. which is working towards industry-specific qualifications.

“Many businesses view apprenticeships as future proofing the workforce, which is more important now than ever.

“At Gower College Swansea, we offer apprenticeship programs ranging from business administration, social care and retail to engineering, hospitality and customer service. We work closely with businesses to provide guidance and advice through the entire process.”

Apprenticeships offered through GCS focus on key areas, including:

  • Built Environment: Construction, Electrical, and Plumbing
  • business improvement techniques
  • Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)
  • clinical health care
  • community Development
  • creative industries
  • health and Social Care
  • information security
  • Leadership and Management: Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and ILM
  • Specialist Digital Apprenticeship: Data Analysis, Information Security, Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing

The college is also renowned for winning UK-wide apprenticeship awards, including the most recent AAC Apprenticeship Awards for both the Care Services Apprenticeship Provider of the Year 2022 and the Send Apprenticeship Champion, following a successful period of winning seven UK Awards over the past four years Is. ,

Gower College Swansea’s strong relationships with local businesses have been strengthened recently with the introduction of the Sketchy Hall Business Advisory Board.

The Board is composed of leading industry figures who will support the College in further understanding the needs of employers in priority industries shaping the future of education and training in South Meczyki and beyond.

Individuals willing to take apprenticeship training through Govar College Swansea can apply online Here, Employers interested in learning more may contact the College’s Training Department by emailing [email protected]

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