Welsh dog charity finds ‘worst breed of dog consumed’ they’ve ever seen with list of health problems

A Welsh charity claims it has found the worst dog breed consumed in its 17-year history. Hope Rescue, at Llanharn, signed on to care for dogs after they were confiscated on welfare grounds by the local authority.

10 English Bulldogs – two adults and eight puppies – have a number of health problems including cherry eye, invested corkscrew tails, excessive wrinkles and folds, and significant issues with their legs, spine and hips. While some health issues can be “improved,” the charity says some issues will last a lifetime with dogs.

Hope Rescue said these issues result from low-welfare breeding and underlying breed-related conditions. Breeds with flat faces will also live with shortness of breath.

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A spokesman for the defense said: “We hope are hard on rescue, but our rescue-hardened hearts are well and truly broken by these dogs. Their health issues include cherry eye, entropion, inverted corkscrew tails, skin conditions, excessive folds and wrinkles And most worryingly, there are significant structural issues involved with his legs, spine and hips. Earlier we have also considered his breathing problem.”

Despite Hope Rescue’s best efforts to rectify the dog’s health issues, which are estimated to cost them around £20,000 in X-rays, tests and surgery, it turns out the dogs will never be treated as ‘normal’ dogs Won’t work perfectly, thus making it a bit more difficult. ,

Bulldog kite, one of 10 dogs confiscated by the local authority
(Image: WellsOnline / Gail Marsh)
An English Bulldog With Eye Problems
Hope Rescue takes care of eight English Bulldog puppies and two adults.
(Image: WellsOnline / Gail Marsh)

The seizure came after research from the Royal Veterinary College warned that the breeding of bulldogs in Britain could be banned if their size was not changed to prevent a number of debilitating conditions. Study author Dr Dan O’Neill, Associate Professor of Companion Animal Epidemiology at RVC, said: “Every dog ​​is equal and well innate with a natural ability to breathe freely, nap fully, exercise easily, stay healthy Deserves to be born with health, flat skin, mate and give birth.

“For breeds such as the English Bulldog where many dogs still have excessive conformity with poor congenital health, the public has a bigger role to play by seeking dogs with moderate and healthy conformity. Until then, potential owners should ‘stop before buying a flat’ And should think. -faced dog’.”

Wren Is One Of Ten Bulldogs Looking For A Foster Home
Wren is one of ten Bulldogs looking for a foster home
(Image: WellsOnline / Gail Marsh)

A Hope Rescue spokesperson said of the call to ban the breed: “It is difficult for us not to sympathize with calls to ban the breed, especially after seeing the appalling state of this latest intake. If things do not change, we will join those calls.

“It is important buyers do not facilitate the breeding of brachycephalic breeds with exaggerated characteristics and choose breeders that prioritize health over profit. We cannot continue to take these dogs and watch their suffering Huh.”

If you would like to help Hope Rescue in their efforts to treat and rehome dogs, visit their appeals page Here, or text After Bulldog you donated to 70085 to give that amount. Additionally, if you are a South Meczyki local and have any dogs available to pet, the charity asks you to contact Here,

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