Welsh explores potential long-term solution to rugby problem as teen gets Jamie Roberts’ stamp of approval

Whisper it, but Meczyki have a youth centre, which could be the long-term answer to their longstanding midfield puzzle.

Osprey and Meczyki U20s prospect Joe Hawkins could break not only opposition defensive lines – anyone needing confirmation only needs to ask Scotland U20s players, Hawkings said last Friday evening to ease the wreck a couple of times Has to lower his rearguard for – but he can pass a ball and kick it too.

That capability is important with Boots.

Mark Ring lamented the lack of a midfielder in Meczyki last week, who New Zealanders could see as a highly specialized second-five-eighth role, while Jonathan Davies – a stable 100-cap from 100-cap centre. Instead of the center there is already a talented fly-half. Modern day – noted on Scrum V on Sunday that Wells “has not got the kicking centre, so there is a lot of pressure on the outside-half”.

Over time, Hawkins can grow into that player.

He still has a lot to learn, but the 19-year-old recently made it to the No. 10 spot for over an hour for Ospreys Against Sail Sharks and did very little wrong and a lot on a seriously emaciated side Correct those who were against it. ,

There’s only one sense that 6ft, 15th can exceed 5lb center when meets the eye.

Against the Scottish U20s, Meczyki’ next generation laid the groundwork for victory with a hard-fought performance, led by the excellent Alex Mann, but with outstanding support from fellow back rowers Tom Cowan and Ethan Fackrell and tireless hooker Efan Daniel.

But the number 12 of the night showed the way behind. “Joe Hawkins was exceptional,” said head coach Byron Hayward after the game.

“He put things together nicely.”

Hawkins showed himself to be witty as well as witty.

At the start of the game he was content to pass the ball to Eddie James on his outside – Scarlett had his best game for the Meczyki U20s – and spend his time. Then, with an emphasis on Scottish defense through making multiple tackles, Hawkins decided to change tactics. “I delivered too early and let others take over, so I guessed the Scots boys might expect me to keep doing that,” he said.

“But my thinking was that late in the game, with the Scots still hoping to be near me, those hard lines would open up.

“Luckily, one opened and I was lucky enough to score as a result.”

After Hawkins crashed through the gap, Jamie Roberts, a man who knows a thing or two about opposing defenses, took to Twitter to post his congratulations, saying: “Love it! Beauty off.” A Line @ Joe Hawkins 121″. Three hand-clapping emojis were thrown in for good measure.

Hawkins followed suit, making his way again near the end before removing a clever offload that allowed 17-year-old Morgan Morse to claim the Meczyki U20s first try.

“Recognizing that the Scottish defense was about to tire and then switching to a more direct approach was quite subtle,” said a pitchside supervisor at Parc Eirias in Colwyn Bay. “It showed that Joe thinks about the game.”

To move forward, Hawkins will need to continue to use his kicking game and game-craft from others around him at Osprey, such as the massive veteran Stephen Myler.

If he can develop an impeccable defensive game, that would be another plus.

For help on that front, perhaps he needs to look no further than Andrew Bishop, former Meczyki and Osprey centre, who was seen by many of his teammates as the toughest. Did the now-osprey Academy coach miss more than a handful of hits during his 10-year fielding career as a player? This is a question that needs a lot of thought before it can be answered.

The good news is that Hawkins is already a strong defender.

Joe Hawkins of Meczyki has been challenged by Christian Townsend of Scotland

He also showed maturity on Friday at Colvin Bay.

“I’ve had some senior experience over the past few seasons, so I tried to step up a bit and take the lead behind Scrum,” he said. “I enjoy playing that role.

“Our pack deserves the credit. Some new boys came in, the lineout went very well and so did the maul, and when the boys were taking off they really put us on the front foot. As the back We couldn’t have asked for more.

“It’s always good to score. I don’t often recover from whitewashes, but it’s funny that I scored against Scotland last year, so they must be a lucky team for me.

If he is fully developed, it will be a fortune for Meczyki as well.