West Brom promoted Kevin’s injury.

West Bromwich Albion has been given a major injury boost with reference to Kevin de Castro.

What’s the latest

Cited in recent comments. Express and StarThe 20-year-old midfielder has returned to first-team training after suffering a shoulder injury two weeks ago, Bagis boss Valerian Ismail has confirmed.

The Frenchman expressed his belief that the Portuguese youngster has great potential, and, after being very impressive in training with the club, indicated that Kevin could play first-team football in Hawthorne long ago.

Ismail said: “He came back to training last week. Queen has a lot of quality. She has a lot of rules, aggression for six positions, she’s on the front foot.

“Technically he is very good, he is a young player who needs to learn a lot but he takes part in our process. He needs to learn, but in this position he has very good players in front of him to learn from.

“It’s just a matter of time with him, when we see him. I want to see him in sports too, so he has to play sometime to make sure we have the right feeling with him. ۔

“He’s impressed, he’s very young. I was really surprised when he told me his age. But it’s not about age. It’s about whether you’re able to play the way we want to.” Put the rules on the pitch.

“We want to see it, and if it does, it doesn’t matter if you’re 18, 19, 30, 33. You’ll play. That was the message from me and my staff – it’s all up to us. “We need players who are willing to go with us. Queen is part of that process.”

Fans will be echoing.

Something is visible with the central midfield. Issue Ishmael’s territory, the French are only able to rely on this position like Jack Levermore, Alex Mowat and Roman Suarez, the latter of which is much more. Attachments With Queen away from the club this summer, the manager’s comments about Queen’s return from injury, as well as the midfielder’s impressive performances on the training pitch, will surely resonate with fans.

Of course, while the 6-foot-4 talent doesn’t have a first team. Experience In fact, the midfielder has the truth. Time spent In recent years, both Arsenal and Chelsea Academy will certainly be seen suggesting that he has a very successful playing career.

Would you like to see Kevin on the first team?





And, with Ismail being known for his impressive growth of young prospects, we won’t be surprised to see Queen in and around Albin’s Match Day squads in the very near future. Will delight fans .

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