What are the best events of CDMX from 17 to 19 June?

From the beginning of the season junior escoltados aguaceros imprevistos and huracán de nombre Blas en puertas que pone en alerta cinco estados del país colindantes con la costa del pacifico. The ambiguous contingency in the capital before the presumption of lluvias. There is a contradiction in a quintet of COVID-19: advertens to find your specifications. Announcing vacancies for men, that produce tranquility in families. The city of Mexico in semiforo epidemiológico color verde. Domingo 19 que celebra el Día del Padre. Sugarimos aquí algunos Cultural events, works of art and creations to distract in the context of this septenary.

1. “Mirando El Sol” (Tetro)

Pocas relacus nos marcan de form tan intensa y definitiva como el vínculo con nuestro padre. What’s the matter when it comes to a dramatic decision, rude and violent? This is what explores Cristian Magaloni in the world Mirando El Sol. Puesta en escena donde Padre e hijo, en an acto de amor total, confrontan juntos sus temores, fracasos y virtudes, Todo for whiskey and chocolate. Production de Angela Pastor and Anna Kufr; Mariana Calderon: Productura Executivea The design and visualization of the design: Anna Adrià. The whole story with music totally live and explained by Natalia Perez Turner.

Mirando El Sol es la The best option in cartel to celebrate the day of the father And, because of this, the production has decided to make the right amount of balls for this 19th of June, the public will only be able to get and promote this promotion.

  • Donde: Tetro de la Capella. Madrid 13, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, CDMX
  • Compañía de Teatro en una cascara de nuez
  • Cuándo: hasta el 17 de julio, 2022
  • Horario: sábados y domingos. 18:00 hours
  • Bolito: 300 pesos

2. “Nuestras madres” (Cine de Arte)

Director: Caesar Diaz. Guión: César Díaz. گوئٹے مالا ، 2018. El país está inmerso en el juicio a los militares que iniciaron la guerra Sol. The testimonials of the victims take a second. Ernesto, a young anthropologist of the Forensic Fund, has a way of identifying the desperate people. One day, we would like to have a relationship with an anciana, let’s talk about a pistachio that can be found on our father, an exaggerated person who will be disappointed in the guerrilla. In contrast to your mother’s dreams, Ernesto se lanza en cuerpo y alma al caso de su padre. In his first prima, César Díaz has heard of the silence and the exposure of the rosross of queens looking for his sermons queries about the memory and the hulalas of the distant dictatorship.

  • Dundee: Cineteca Nacional. Year 9. Barrio Xoco. CDMX
  • Cuándo: viernes, 17; Sabado, 18 Domingo, June 19, 2022
  • Horrorio: 18:00 hours
  • Bolito: 60 paise

3. Cultural Activities in the Complete Cultural Los Pinos

Complejo Cultural Los Pinos: The 18th of June at 13:30 hras invites participants to engage in dialogues about infantiles and juveniles. which will be implemented in Hondonada, as part of the activities of the program Literatura Infantil y Juvenil (LIJ), Contigo en Los Pinos. Se contará con la participación de Maricarmen Méndez y Varinia del Ángel de Comité LIJ Caniem Editorial MC y Editorial Mengo Manila.

Y el domingo, también en Los Pinos, pero en la Plaza Cencalli, We would like to purchase and consume organic products at the Mercado El Solar, if possible. Concerto of the singer and composer Iris Bringas, at 15:00 hours. Ella offered a concierge of folk, accompaniment with the guitar of the whole Villamonroy and the percussions of Eduardo Arreola

4. Quinteto Dumka en Concierto

Quinteto Dumka, a musical formulation for young people who understand the interactive traits, encapsulated by the master Aquiles Morales, focusing on their artistic interpretation of a demanding technical and musical instrument. P.resent a musical proprietary musical conformed by two obras fundamentals of camera music: el Quinteto para piano y cuarteto de cuerdas, Op. 44D. Robert Schumann; y el Quinteto para piano Núm. 2, Op. 81D. Antonin Dork.

The Quinteto Dumka is conformed to the violinist Diego Cortés Espinoza, the violonchelista Yael Meza Xolalpa, the violinist Emmanuel Tadeo Bautista Corona and the violinist Leonardo Villegas Ortiz, derived from the master Aquiles Morales.

  • Donde: Auditorio Blas Galendo del Senart. Río Churubusco 79, Country Club Churubusco, Coyoacán. Ciudad de México, CDMX
  • Kwando: Domingo, 19 June, 2022
  • Horario: 13.00 horas
  • Bolito: 150 pesos

5. The OSN interprets the words of Schumann and Brahms

La Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional (OSN) interpretá el Concerto for piano and orchestra in La Manor, Op. 54, D. Robert Schumannwith the participle de Jorge Federico Osorio como solista invitado. The announcement of the first program of the 2022 program of INBAL that the Será dirigido por su titular, Carlos Miguel Prietoalso included Sinfonía núm. 4 in Mi manor, Op.98D. Johannes Brahms

Distinguished with the Medalla Bellas Artes, GALARDón otorgado by the INBAL Jorge Federico Osorio is reconciled to the new international by its musical masterpiece, technical technique, vibrant imaginations and proficient passions.

Concerto para piano y orquestade Schumann, has its origin in an autobiography for the same dotachión: imagining, the cue retomó for your first movimiento. It was born in December 4, 1845, with Clara in the piano and Ferdinand Hiller as the director. It is considered one of the most important of Schumann’s. لا Sinfonía núm. 4 was the last to write Brahms. Se trata de One of the most remarkable deals in Geneva and one of the most innovative compositions. Fu escrita entre 1884 y 1885 en los alpes austriacos. To his credit, on October 25, 1885, Director Hans von Bülow eagerly prepared his or her request to be asked for the proprietary Brahms.

  • Donde: Sala Principal. Palacio de Bellas Arts. Centro Historico. CDMX
  • Cuando: viernes 17 de junio a las 20:00 horas; y el domingo 19 a las 12:15 horas
  • Boleto: de 88 to 198 pesos