What Cardiff City’s best XI now looks like after eight new signings, but transfers remain priority

Cardiff City’s early summer signing spree has caught the attention of not only Bluebirds fans but supporters across the board.

Steve Morrison made it clear toward the tail end of last season that he was excited for the window to open and new faces to come and freshen things up. Well, that’s certainly what happened after at least eight signatures and the window has been open for a little over a week.

Hollywood, to name a few, is the kind of budget the club is currently working on during this off-season, and there are a number of unknown quantities, the quality of which will really only be known when the season starts in earnest at the end of July.

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Supporters will want to add more quality before the window closes, that’s for sure, but the initial work that has already been conducted at least gives us a glimpse of what will change in Cardiff XI next season. Whether it was for better relics, some might argue that there was an excess of Deadwood the club needed to get rid of and they have successfully done so.

We can expect more signatures next week and maybe even more. It should be emphasized that Cardiff has not used up any of their loan allocations and looks forward to using all five slots like they did back in January, so one hopes that at least A half dozen, or more, transfers would come through the door before the window. It is closed at. That, it seems, is where the next season succeeds or fails.

Between a relatively unknown amount of overseas and lower leagues, Cardiff also has some experienced championship pick-ups, adding depth to areas that are sorely needed.

At that point, let’s look at goalkeeping options. After dropping Alex Smithies and signing two goalkeepers, Morrison has three options to score next season. Dillon Phillips plus new signings Jake Alnwick and Ryan Allsop from St Mirren and Derby County respectively. Whether the signing of the two new keepers has any effect on Phillips’ future at the club remains to be seen, although this is currently seen as a competition for shirts within the club.

Phillips has had a tumultuous career so far in the Welsh capital and it should come as no surprise that any of the other new recruits ahead of him will arrive on 30 July. Morrison is a big fan of Allsop and has followed him for some time. He comes with a real pedigree and the championship had no shortage of offers. Cardiff was delighted when they learned they had won the race for their signature.

You’ll have to watch Derby fans to see their reaction to his departure and you’ll know more about the type of player from Cardiff at Allsop who is most likely to set up as the new No. 1 next stint. ,

Then there is the matter of defense. There are three new recruits and they are all full-back, one of the areas that now requires actual surgery in this squad for many windows. On the right is now Mahlon Romeo and Vante Daly-Campbell and on the left is the new, unknown Jamilu Collins.

Romeo looks to be the player most likely to occupy the right-back slot in the minute, while Collins, with his international and Bundesliga pedigree, probably leads Joel Bagan to the left-back spot.

Looking at how Cardiff ended last season, it appears Morrison will want to choose a four from behind, with two wingers flanking a midfield three behind the striker. That being said, two of Perry Ng, Mark McGuinness and Curtis Nelson, will be named in the centre-half as things stand.

Ng’s transition to centre-back was a revelation last season and it would seem hard to exclude him from any starting XI, hence the vote. Then the second position would probably go to Nelson, simply because he is seen as the best one-on-one defender at the club, a quality much needed when you’re only playing with two center backs.

Midfield picks himself. If we take it at face value that Joe Rawls’ contract expires this summer, that is. It would have to be the two sitting behind Rubin Colville, Ryan Wintle and new guy Abou Adams, who can hopefully put more emphasis on him in this period, a suspect.

Isaac Davis again has a wide choice between two more new recruits, Callum O’Doda and Ollie Tanner. (As an aside, we’re told O’Dowda is definitely signed as a winger, not just another wing-back option.) They all have what they need to prove next season. There’s a point and they each have their merits, but given the steps Tanner will need to take, the money safe probably goes to O’Doda and Davis who start the season as broad options. Does Gavin White have anything to say about whether the pre-season is also a sub-plot to watch closely in the coming weeks.

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Up front, well, now here’s the predicament. Max Waters has rarely set up the world in a Cardiff shirt so far and Mark Harris, while he clearly does a job for the team, isn’t the brilliant goalscorer the Bluebirds desperately need. James Collins is the closest thing to him based on his last season, but he was really struggling in the face of goals last term and his future at the club is still shrouded in doubt.

on the minute? It’s probably Waters, you’d think. But in all likelihood it will be surprising if that role is not filled by a new signing in the coming weeks. It shows that there is still real priority left for Cardiff’s recruiting team as we move forward in this window, while central midfield is also an area that needs more bodies.

There’s a buzz about Gareth Bale that certainly never goes away. If he comes, he will probably play that striker. Although he is on leave after his adventures with Meczyki, an answer on that front is unlikely to be imminent. Also, there is still a lot of work to be done in the debt market. They will need Premier League quality, whether they are cast-offs or youngsters, if they have any real design to make their mark this season.

But the depth is now what was needed. Although a look at the best Eleven Morrisons right now shows there’s more work to be done.

Cardiff City Probable XI (4-2-3-1) :allsop; Romeo, NG, Nelson, Collins; Wintel, Adams; Davis, Colville, O’Doda; Waters.

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