What happened between Nick Gage and David Arquette?

Nick Gage is one of the most feared wrestlers in the world. Death match wrestling legend has been in controversy throughout his career and has been arrested even after robbing a bank.

Gage is now ready to debut AW This week when it will face Chris Jericho There is bound to be a brutal match.

However, the most infamous incident of Nick Gage’s career came when he faced former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette in a WWII match.

Arquette is a famous actor and a huge fan of wrestling who sought to mend his reputation after his notoriety. WCW. Facing Nick Gage in a death post may not be the best choice for his place.

What happened to Nick Gage when he faced David Arquette in a death match?

David Arquette returns to wrestling in 2018 and challenges Nick Gage to the GCW World Championships Joey GenelaLA Secret Program No one expected what happened next.

The two wrestlers face each other to death – a feature of the good gauge. During the match, the arc was cut in a planned place. Moments later, things went awry. Gage spoke about the moment in an interview with Chris Van Wallett.

He revealed that he was about to cut the arch at the planned place when the actor suddenly moved and a piece of glass went into his throat. Fans laughed when they saw Arket holding her hand around her neck as if bleeding.

Nick Gage admitted that he thought he had hit the arc. Arkett was matching for a documentary and dropped the ring to have the kit checked. It was clear that Archbishop was frightened at this point and Gage was disappointed. Arquette tried to shoot his opponent, but Gage Judo knocked him to the ground and stuck him.

“It wasn’t my fault, I know how to do things to take care of my opponent. I think he’s scared, but relax, you’re not the first man. We talked, it’s fun. “I’m not going to bite you badly if you stand up and relax. When he took the glass in my hand, it went into his neck. In my head, I thought I hit him.” Inserted gauge revealed

Without selling at all, Arquette grabbed the ring by the hand and around his neck.

Thankfully, David Arquette was fine, but Nick Gage called the actor a “crying baby” because he was upset about the match. Arket’s performance in the match and his persistence despite his apparent fear, however, earned the respect of the fans.


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