What happened during the academy tours?

There are many rumors that the visits he made with the young former members of the reality show La Academia were the closest thing to Sodom and Gomorrah, that is, everything and everything happened. Is it true? You’ll find out tonight at 9pm on the broadcast of my interview program, the minute that changed my destiny, because the special guests are neither more nor less than Raul Sandwall, who belongs to the first generation of this TV show. Kept

Sandwall is originally from Baja California, Mexico, and in tonight’s interview he tells us in detail how he was selected to participate in the program. He admits that at first he was in the wrong place because of his success, he explains how the visits took place and in front of him I asked him if there were any sexual harassment and other really unpleasant details.

I invite you to do us a favor tonight and join us in the presence of Imagine Television, Open TV Channel 3.1 and Rawal Sandwall. I assure you that you will like it.

Success in Mexican international news

I’m glad to tell you that three Mexicans lead the news on international networks, one on Univision and two on Telemando, George Ramos, Julio Vicario and Nacho Lozano. I am proud to see them succeed, but above all, to inform Hispanics in the American Union.

George Ramos is one of the faces of the news, has been the head of Univision for at least 20 years and it works exceptionally well.

Nacho Lozano was a colleague of mine on Imagine Television, but he received a juicy and interesting suggestion to make headlines in the morning, and now broadcasts from Miami to the rest of the United States. It fills me with joy.

Julio Vicarro, a young man from Queretaro, whom I also met in the office of Telemando Mexico, when he was studying communication at Anahuac University. He was later invited to Los Angeles to host a local California channel and was later brought to the evening news network (National Network). Following the headline, Jose Diaz-Ballart’s change of news to English, Julio was named the new head of Noticeus Telemondo.

Because of this, it makes me proud that the three Mexicans lead the most important news stories for the Hispanic community in the United States.


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