What happened to Catherine Prescott? The twin sister, Megan, reveals the details of the injury as the ‘Skins’ star descends into the ICU after a cement truck accident.

Actress Catherine Prescott was recently taken to hospital on September 7 after suffering a fatal accident nearby. Of Skins The star is currently logged in. ICU In critical condition.

Its news. Accident This was confirmed by her twin sister Megan Prescott on Twitter.

“I received the most horrific phone call of my life on Tuesday evening. My twin sister Catherine was hit by a cement truck while crossing the street in New York on September 7.

Megan also said that her sister had to undergo complex surgery because she was left with broken legs, feet, back and left arm. He also said that Catherine Prescott avoided a narrow margin of stroke and fortunately escaped injury:

Some of Katherine’s injuries after battling complex surgery include: a broken pelvis in two places, both her legs, her foot and her left arm. He is incredibly lucky to be alive. He avoided paralysis. Doctors hope she will fully recover.

Megan also shared a long Twitter thread that Catherine Prescott was alone in New York and needed permanent care. Recovery. He asked his followers for help in getting suggestions on how to get to New York, as the embassy rejected his request due to travel restrictions.

“I applied to the US embassy for an exemption from the current restrictions on the entry of any non-US citizen into the United States, which was denied earlier today and I was devastated. I was given a double vaccine. Granted, I had a PCR test yesterday and I can fly on a hat drop. I have documents from the hospital confirming Katherine’s injury and doing everything to get to her as soon as possible. Get ready

Following the announcement, many social media users took to Twitter to support Megan and Catherine Prescott at critical times. Prescott’s siblings rose to fame after playing the role of twins in the award-winning teen drama. Skins.

Twitter prays for Catherine Prescott’s recovery.

Catherine Prescott with her twin sister, Megan (Photo via Twitter / Megan Prescott)
Catherine Prescott with her twin sister, Megan (Photo via Twitter / Megan Prescott)

Catherine Prescott is an English actress best known for her role as Emily Fitch in the BAFTA winning British television drama. Skins. She is also known for playing Carter Stevens on MTV. Finding Carter.

The 30-year-old came to the fore after appearing in an episode of Doctors. With her twins Sister Megan Prescott. Following their memorable role in Skins, the pair have been cast in a number of movies and TV shows for on-screen twins.

Following the tragic news, netizens took to Twitter to express their prayers and best wishes for the actress. He also circulated Megan’s request for a trip to New York:

According to updates from him. Sister, Catherine Prescott sees a long road to recovery. She is reportedly in rehabilitation and will need 24-hour support once she leaves the hospital.


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