What has changed?

Most social processes never end, they only evolve according to the specific circumstances in which they occur, the density of change, the leadership responsible for them and the ever-present insignificant things that change in one way or another. Can At first it seemed predictable.

About the latter, the way unexpected events that mark a turning point, the change in the established order, an English expedition in Australia that observes the black swan for the first time, this is how the idea ends. That everyone is white. Permanent is the evolution, continuity, or gradual development of individual expressions that gain strength and become collective reactions.

This parable leads me to point out that the history of international relations shows that a good part of the issues on the global agenda has always been: border disputes, international migration, trade, crime, investment, In addition to the gradual but permanent trend of governments moving towards economic, social and cultural integration, armed conflict, aggression and the elimination of established conflicts have resulted in enormous benefits for the development and well-being of neighboring societies and beyond. , For those who are immersed in the integration process and their respective abilities

Many of these issues have always been present in our country and in our neighbor’s relations with the North. Mexico has a long history of dealing with the United States in a relatively weak position, which is permanent in most countries that negotiate with their powerful neighbors. As one Israeli intelligence analyst told me: “You say poor Mexico, far from God and very close to America, we say: poor Israel, very close to God and far from America.”

Mexican diplomacy is studied and recognized, as it has managed to move Washington’s imperialist sentiments toward a more or less stable, more or less respectful relationship. Not in vain, the first visit of the current President of Mexico for many years was to meet his American counterpart.

A high-level meeting between the two governments has just taken place in our country and they have adopted what they call the two-year agreement. Strengthen mutual security with a special emphasis on co-operation in the fight against crime and the common border area.

To continue the strategy of isolating himself from the past that the president repeats every day, Secretary of State Ebard announced the signing of the document, “Farewell Merda,” referring to the agreement reached by the former president. Philip Calderon did it with George in 2008. W. Bush welcomed the two-year understanding for the fight against drug trafficking and for security, public health and safe communities. In diplomacy, words count a lot, and the chancellor emphasized that this is not just an agreement, that is, he said, “In security matters, unity is another measure of unity … we have the same. The goal is, we have confidence, we respect each other and we have laid the foundation for how we will work. In other words, it is a government-to-government commitment.

This new understanding, in fact, seeks to reduce border violence, combat arms trafficking, trafficking and human trafficking, and combat the Jalisco Neva Generation Cartel and the smuggling of fentanyl and methamphetamines. President Lopez Obrador closed the meeting. His comments go beyond reviewing the history of Mexico, which called Benito Juarez “the pioneer of freedom, an extraordinary social fighter who opposed slavery.” It is worth asking whether it was appropriate to address this historic event at a meeting convened to discuss security issues and co-operation in the fight against organized crime.

It is hoped that these good intentions will translate into concrete results. There is no more urgent and sensitive issue for Mexico than reducing criminal violence, which mourns thousands of families.

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