What is auditioning? Fumar podría ser la causa

Ciudad de Mexico.– Fumar daña la audición. When a person comes forward an audit of the mayor’s opinion.

“A person by the age of 70 has more than the probability of the first auditory test that a person does not have,” said Gonzalo Corvera, director of the Mexican Institute of Otolaryngology and Neurotology.

Trading in an ambitious day elevating the ryego to the fumadores, or more than 60 per cent during the first audit in comparison with the 20 per cent of the no fumadores.

As a result of the exposure to the humo of tobacco in the people who are convinced by the fumadores and the impact of the mayor is not lost.

Corvera cita UN studio con niños sanos que en en visit de rutina al pediatra se encontró que aquellos que vivían en hogares de fumadores tenín cenco veces más posibilidades de sufrir una baja de audición en comparación en houmadores de

Other studies have shown that children exposed to the humor of tobacco also present more cases of otitis media, an infection of the auditory medium that also causes premature ejaculation.

The conference was held at a time when the embryo was still being destroyed, a studio discovered that the mothers of the old women were compelled to compliment the 15th grade of the third grade auditiva.

Algo que no recogió este studio con hijos adolescentes de madres fumadoras, puntualiza Corvera, es si las madres seguío fumando después del embarazo, exponiendo a sus hijos al humo de segunda mano, era périda para laudiva de la parava.

To make a person with a genetic predisposition to the first auditiva in the family of rygo también es mayor.

“It is much more probable that your first audit will be discreetly anticipatory and if not fuma, the best of libra”

Why the nicotine act on the ear?

Fumar impacts the presumption of convenience, Corvera expresses that the structures of the intercontinental son are very delicate, requiring an unconventional association without regulation.

La Nicotina cum El Flujo de Sangre El Ovido Interno, C’don los Cellulos y Maureen, Una Perida non-refundable.

“No tenemos form of de regenerarlas”, asevera Corvera, one of the pioneers of the cochlear implant in the world and the first program of the first colera implant program in Mexico, introduced in 1988.

It is very probable, exponentially, that the principal sea sea reduces the oxygen content, but also has a direct effect of nicotine.

However, the nicotine interferes with the neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve, which effectively affects the sound interpretation.


Since the 40th anniversary, investigators have been preoccupied with studying the impact of the investigation on the audit.

Make references that the scents more frequent tomar in cuenta are the acupuncture or tinnitus, it decides, the vibration in the ears. While increasing the moments in which this vibration appears or is constantly occurring, it is considered a “very configable” that it is performing the audition.

Another thing is when he is in an ambitious way like a restaurant, a person knows that he represents things.

“What is important is knowing that a person who is under audition does not know that he is under audition, because he is aware that it is costing him to understand what he is saying.

“Everybody in the world says this, that there is no such thing as ‘and because the first auditiva is not pareja, it will be the first of the most frequent altas and that will interfere with our perception of the perseverance.’

The principal message of Corvera is that now it is too late to give fumar and so on all, because ningún motivo fumar en lugares donde hay niños.

The specialty refers to the benefits of this romp with a study that has been given to a person who is 30 years old and has no idea how to make the most of it. durasi fumando

“Nunca es tarde para dejar de fumar. Sí hay un beneficio en dejar de fumar, y si no es possible dejar de fumar, cuidarse del ruido ambiente”.

Admirals of the salivary glands in general, about all the hypertension, cholesterol and thyroid glands that are also included in the audit.