What is body dysmorphia, the disease that Megan Fox suffers from? – Financial.

When we hear about it. Megan Fox It is important to think of a beautiful and talented Hollywood actress. However, there are times when people have very different ideas about themselves.

In a recent interview, he said GQ Magazine. With a fellow singer in the UK. Machine Gun Kelly., They talked about their personal paths as well as their love story. In the middle of the talk, Actress admits she suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

When her interviewer tells her that she is a woman who can be intimate with many men between laughter and a more serious tone, she admits that “we can see someone and think: That person is very beautiful. His life should be very simple. ‘Maybe they don’t feel that way about themselves.’

There is a brief silence and this is when Megan says openly: “Yes, I have physical dysmorphia.. I have a lot of insecurity. “Would you imagine that? In general, physical dysmorphia is a mental health disorder. Affects self-image..

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or Body Dysmorphia?

According to the file published on the page. Mayo Clinic., “It is a mental health disorder. In which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived flaws or outward flaws, a flaw that seems trivial or that others don’t see. “

When suffering from BDD, it is possible to feel ashamed of yourself, and even need to isolate yourself socially so that people do not look at you and talk about your body, your back. Get a chance to talk back. There is also a constant sense of approval from others, wanting no one to see your flaws.

You pay a lot of attention to your appearance and body image., And you check mirrors frequently, wash, or want comfort, sometimes several hours a day. Your perceived error and repeated behavior. Causes significant anxiety and affects your ability to function in daily life.“He explains at the Mayo Clinic.

There are some ‘solutions’ that a person who suffers from dysmorphia of the body finds, either considers the defect as a defect, or undergoes some cosmetic surgery to ‘correct’ the defect. There are cases in which doing so makes a person feel calm, but over time he can continue to ‘find faults’ and constantly try to correct them.

This condition, if not controlled, Other illnesses, such as anxiety and depression, can trigger suicidal tendencies. In the worst case scenario, it is best to detect and deal with it in a timely manner. Treatment, which may include cognitive therapy and medication.

With information from Mayo Clinic.


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