What is the constitutional factor? – El Financiro

In the words related to “constitutional constitution”, the legislator paralyzed the legislative process of the modified initiatives of the General Republic. It decides, not for the sake of admiration for such a process. Not only this, with the help of Tampoco you can do more things.

The three parts of the opposition (PAN, PRI and PRD), the traces of their respectable national origins, express themselves in two passages in the declaration of “constituent moratorium”. The quail, like the era of hopelessness, desperately criticizes and attacks López Obrador.

Some of these prescriptions are infinitely franchise (“no legislation, no cobren”, as the lawmakers of the opposition, as if their initiatives are all about the camouflage. The opposites, who are the ones who do not make the executives. The ambassadors pertaining to López with their ambitions may be in agreement. que sí cuentan con la mayoría absoluta (la mitad más uno) suficiente para anular “la moratoria”.

When the 17th of April, the month of peripherals, how to record, the discharge in the camera of the AMLO to hack into the various modifications of the electric, electric deck. Publicly this is like a great tribunal of the opposition, and the officiality of the situation like that of Derota. It was too late for this one. Or For which entons do not replicate the exercise that sometimes the sea needs?

Cabe records that President López Obrador, in various occasions, has exerted his interest in the menus of the three major reforms in the constituency: one in electoral material, or present, or another to militarize the Guardia of the Nation, Multiple elections have been held before the 2021 federal elections.

If the general opinion on the general results results before the public opinion, or on the menus of a number of employees, when with their votes it seems that the initiatives initiated by the Constitutional Reform, are not to be taken lightly for the serial number The Aquilas Option Concludes in its Despair? I know this is not a logic or a feeling, it decides, it does not exist because the opposition has no choice but to hold a parliamentary session. Tengo al respecto par par de hepatitis.

Since then this act has been obeyed in practical practice, in relation to Mexico as well, to negotiate a decisive proposition of a legislative internship for a group of parliamentarians, to change the group of parliamentary interlocutors for another. It decides, intercepting legislative approaches. With the onset of April – there was a change for the better, thanks to the baroque. Oro por espejitos. As it is to evoke any tentacle in this sense, it is best to intervene in the legislative process. This is one of the two hepatitis.

There is no other possible explanation for being present in the last legislative process of the legislature, declaring, the discussion and voting on the platform of reforms of the constituency. La razón? For the sake of the truth, the opposing legislators objected to many fairs, amenas, chantajes (including in private life) and an offer of respect to their (cooperation), as a gift de Campeche.

As a matter of fact, the lawmakers of the PRI, one of them by their own proprietary nationality, as we are in the last days, are extremely vulnerable to this pretreated, superior. They are not able to express the origin of their patrimony, and even if they come to the SAT or the UIF like brazos politicians of the regime, because it is better to say “no menelle”, is conservative. Don’t you think these two, or ambassadors, can have other explanations?