What the Newspapers Say – August 6

Saturday’s newspapers are more responsive to the prediction of a recession in the UK and ongoing clashes between the US and China.

he I says the chancellor and prime minister are “missing as Britain plunges into recession”, while Independent reports fears that the recession forecast is too “optimistic”.

Weekend FT leads Liz Truss’s proposal for tax cuts instead of “handouts” in the Tory leadership contest.

China’s decision to end talks with the US on issues like climate change after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is on the front page The keeper.

Time reports that only six out of every ten ER patients will be admitted within four hours this winter, while a cyberattack on the National Health Service is on the front page Daily Telegraph.

Britain’s water problems on the front page Daily Mirrorwhile the order to deactivate Archie Battersby’s life support results in Daily Express.

daily mail leads to a proposal for a crackdown on cyclists by Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps.

And daily starWith On the front page, there are revelations that the scientist “tricked Twitter” with a picture of chorizo ​​instead of a picture of a newly discovered planet.