What the Newspapers Say – July 28

The RMT dispute, electricity bills and drought are among the headlines on Thursday.

The keeper and I both lead to the threat of a general strike from RMT head Mick Lynch.

Predictions that electricity bills could rise to an average of £500 a month are on the newspaper’s front page. daily mirror, Independent and Daily Express.

Daily Telegraph as well as Time lead to a warning from the UK National Security Adviser that an accidental nuclear war with China is a growing risk.

The country reportedly had its driest July since 1911. undergroundamid fears of a drought in the UK.

daily mail writes that the lawyer won the case in labor court after her chambers investigated her position on gender issues.

The decision of the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates again is on the front page Financial Times.

Sun reports that Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is on holiday with a new girlfriend.

And daily star reports new advice to Britons to cut back on shampooing to save water.