WhatsApp accounts hacked in Monclova to extort money

Entrepreneurs and citizens of Monclova have fallen victim to the hacking of their WhatsApp accounts of criminals trying to extort money from their telephone contacts, from whom they request remittances or deposits.

Because they are connected to public WiFi networks, their phone numbers have been compromised by people whose place of residence is unknownor.

They start contacting their friends and family tell them they are going through a difficult situation, so they request amounts that vary in thousands of pesos.

The Prosecutor General has received at least one formal complaint about this type of hacking, due to blackmail that can be derived from operating mode which they employ.

“Some people got attention for this situation, stating that their WhatsApp account had been duplicated and that in their name they contacted their phonebook contacts to request moneySaid the FGE regional delegate, Rodrigo Chaires Zamora.

He said the recommendations of Cyberpolis of the same dependency is that users verify their accounts for WhatsApp iOS and Android, which increases your security when it comes to managing social networks and that they are limited to using public Wi-Fi networks.

“The use of WiFi networks is healthy, but the recommendation is to be alert and keep your phone limited, apply the security corrections mentioned, many people do not have the precaution when an update of their phone comes, they have to choose the same These are security levels that the same cell phone brands are increasing or the companies providing the telephone service ‘.

There are currently no reports of people being blackmailed, so society is urged to pay attention.

“They steal your phone number, not the phone number.”


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