When is Black Friday 2021 in Mexico? Here we tell

The Black Friday It’s just a few days from arriving in the US and several countries adding to the season off before the Christmas shopping.

Although there are in Mexico Good end, where several products and services register significant discounts over a few days, the truth is that many companies also join known Black Friday

Black Friday in Mexico will be next time Friday, November 26th.

How did Black Friday come about?

Black Friday, or Black Friday, is one date of origin in the United States to encourage purchases during a season where they historically tend to decrease before the Christmas season.

The date became very popular since the 1960s.

The term for Black Friday is coming up in Philadelphia, where this name was used to describe the day after Thanksgiving where many people packed the shops and the vehicles caused a lot of traffic.

Although the idea was to establish only one shopping day, companies are currently establishing offers that can last up to a week.

Which stores will have specials this Black Friday in Mexico?

Many platforms like Amazon have already announced deals to attract buyers.

People usually occupy Black Friday Deals to advance Christmas presents.

Black Friday videos

Videos circulate on social media showing dozens of people fighting and arguing over products in department stores in the United States.

From the first minutes of Friday, people rush to the shops to get the best deals.

Recommendations for buying online

In this video, we talk about the recommendations when shopping online.



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