When too much alcohol leads to violence – or not being able to open your bag on the plane

Socially, drinking is part of many people’s lives. There are many of us who like to gossip with family or friends in the evenings at a local boozer or maybe take down a bottle of wine at a dinner party or social occasion.

However, alcohol unfortunately has its downsides, as well as making drinkers feel happy or drowsy, as well as having an uninterrupted effect that can make them violent, causing others to become violent. There is a price to pay.

In recent months, a large number of alcoholics have been dealt with by the courts.

Samuel Rogers killed his ex-father in a car crash.

Samuel Rogers was sentenced to 20 years in prison for deliberately leaving his father in his ex-partner’s car with “devastating” injuries.

Samuel Rogers had been drinking all day and had more than doubled his drink-driving limit when he deliberately drove into his car and killed his ex-father. Rogers had sent a threatening text message to his on-and-off partner Helen Edwards over the years, and on September 1, 2015, a message signaled to her to go to her sister’s caravan with her parents, including Paul Maloney.

Miss Edwards, 45, was chased from Prashwar Road to her Vauxhall Austra, and ‘clearly jealous and angry’, Rogers then deliberately drove his father’s Ford C-Max at 38 mph. He threw a cannon at his former car. The collision caused devastating injuries to Mr Maloney, who was standing next to him and was thrown 65 feet into the air.

The attacker also seriously injured his wife in the passenger seat. Mr Maloney, from Kings Norton, contracted tetraplag and died in November 2016. He was 52 years old.

Rogers of Redford Drive, Palsall, Walsall, was found guilty of murder after a trial in Birmingham Crown Court. What was He is about to be sentenced. Next month.

San Kevin attacked the victim with a bottle after drinking alcohol.

Sean Kevin Beats A Man With A Bottle After Teasing Him About A Rape Sentence.
Sean Kevin beats a man with a bottle after teasing him about a rape sentence.
(Photo: WMP)

Sean Kevin joined a group of adults who drank heavily at an address in Quentin on June 18 last year. One of the drunkards, a woman, left the room where Kevin and the victim were, and when she returned, she saw Kevin standing on the hunt, hitting an empty bottle of Jack Daniels on his head until the bottle. Broke and he couldn’t use it anymore. Edward Solsby said the case is being tried in the city’s Crown Court.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He was jailed for four months. Recorder David Mason said: “You are a decent man to deal with when you are calm, but when you drink alcohol you are a person who behaves very unexpectedly. I have no doubt about that. Not that it was alcohol that caused you the injuries you suffered. ” A long and continuous attack. “

A 32-year-old man from Soho Road, Handsworth has been jailed for six years after pleading guilty to intentional and battery injuries.

Three drunken youths who attacked a taxi driver.

Three drunken youths attacked a taxi driver after a rent dispute. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard that Adam Burney, Christopher Burney and Brendan Hammersley initially agreed to rent with the victim when they asked to be taken to Hanley.

However, an argument broke out after the driver refused to go to a certain area. He offered to pay her back, but she claimed he owed her £ 20. One of them grabbed him by the head and brought the 65-year-old man back, punching and slapping him. Hammersley kicked his taxi and also a police officer.

Adam Burney, 30, of Glebe Street, Tuck, was jailed for 15 months, Hammersley was jailed for 11 months and Christopher Burney was jailed for nine months. All three defendants pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. Christopher Burney, 24, of Gleb Street, and Hammersley, 25, of Perseol Street, Northwood, also pleaded guilty. Hammersley also confessed to attacking an emergency worker.

For Adam Burney, Mr Paul Cliff said: “It was a drunken, vain and ugly attitude towards someone who was just trying to do his job.”

Maria Jones stabbed her boyfriend.

Maria Jones
Maria Jones
(Photo: West Midlands Police)

Drink played his part again when Maria Jones stabbed her boyfriend in the stomach with a kitchen knife. The couple separated but were in contact before the attack on February 6 last year.

Her boyfriend went to Jones’ address that night, after a week’s work, to stay the night. They spent the evening listening to music and talking. One of them went to buy wine before listening to music. But Rachel Pennington, who is suing Wolverhampton Crown Court, said there was disagreement about “who knew the words” about a song after that.

Jones then went to the kitchen and pulled out a knife from the drawer and stabbed him in the stomach. He was taken to intensive care and spent 20 weeks in the hospital, scarred for life. Jones, who lives on Old Road in Oldbury, was jailed for 28 months after admitting to being injured.

Judge Nixon said: “It’s sad to see someone like you standing in front of the courtroom. Knew the words. “

Jamie Eden shoplifter who spread terror in a store.

Jamie Eden Threatened The Security Guard And The Store Manager With A Knife.
Jamie Eden threatened the security guard and the store manager with a knife.
(Photo: WMP)

Drug addict shoplifter Jamie Eden, who drank ‘a pint of vodka a day’, terrorized a Birmingham store when he threatened two people working there. He was spotted stealing a 60-pound lamb pair from Morrison at Ax Green on February 17 this year, which he kept in a bag.

A security guard then took him to a private room to issue a restraining order. However, when a manager entered, he turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place.

Defendant managed to escape from the shop but was pursued and disarmed. Eden, 36, of Readings Lane, Tesla, who previously confessed to theft and possession of a knife, was jailed for 15 months.

Ali Ozdemar, a drunken plane passenger who could not open his bag

Ali Ozdemir Was Drunk On A Plane Coming From Turkey.
Ali Ozdemir was drunk on a plane coming from Turkey.
(Photo: Birmingham Live)

The judge told a passenger on a drunken plane that he posed a significant threat to other passengers. Ali Ozdemir, a former manager of an Italian restaurant in Brandley Place, drank heavily before boarding a flight from Turkey to Birmingham.

This Jet 2 became noticeable to the passengers of the plane and soon became noticeable to the stewards and stewards and cabin crew who saw that it had fallen on its seat and vomited not only on itself but also on the adjacent seats. Is.

Judge Simon Drew QC said: “You were on a long return flight from Turkey to this country. When asked for your passport, you could not just tell from your bag that you were in a state of aggression. Not offered to anyone on the plane, nor is it a case of you being rude to them. The fact is that people who are drunk on the plane are a serious danger to anyone on the plane. presenting.”

Ozdemir, 49, of Oakley Road, Sturchley, who had previously admitted to being drunk on a plane, was jailed for three months.

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