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It smells of danger before … or rather a party and a good appetite. If you’re going out for a few drinks or Chelsea with your friends, but they plan to stop for a party, we’ll let you know which places have the best tacos.

Meat browning, fresh pineapple, solid tortillas to prevent bites and Screaming sauce There are variables that every good diner finds in a Takito al Pastor.

Here’s what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

Just a few steps from the Villa de Cortes Metro, there is a Takaria that few people know about, but it deserves five stars. This is Las Palomos, a place with the monumental Tacos El Pastor. The first taste makes them intoxicated.

Takero knows the exact point that the outer part of the top turns dormant brown, but without reducing the juice from the meat. Tacos are well presented, the parts do not need to be ‘picked’.

They have a lot of experience eating there, however, if you arrive late at night, the wait is likely to be half an hour.

We recommend that you try four beans and always combine your tacos with some sauces and the necessary pico de gallo. Anchors are about running and stopping, but the spice is worth it.

Where: Savings Postal Corner Balmesda, Josefa Ortiz de Domingos Neighborhood, Benito Juarez Mayor’s Office.

Stop there! If you don’t know Tacos El Pastor de las Manolus yet, you need a quick meal this weekend.

The place has become a Norwegian classic for drinking beer and chatting with friends.

The portions are wide enough, Takero knows the appetite is crazy so he doesn’t cut it when it comes to serving.

We recommend combining your pastor’s order with one or two manolos tacos (ground beef with a lot of melted cheese).

Where: Luz Saviñon # 1305, Narvarte Poniente Neighborhood, Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office.

In addition to watching La Clavria, the birthplace of Jose Juice, he also has the much-won Tacos El Pastor.

In a simple and warm place, the tacros serve the crushed sweat taco, neopalito, ribs, longanza and steak. However, the real treasure is protected by the abundance of juicy shepherd’s meat.

If you get hungry enough, order three to quench your thirst and continue with one key rib.

Don’t forget to order a Boeing or cold beer.

Where: Clavería Avenue # 151, Clavería Neighborhood, Azcapotzalco Mayor’s Office.

Tacos El Pastor’s Revolution is in Los Siphons. The square hand-made tortillas, which contain a good portion of the priest’s flesh, are a harbinger of glory.

Add guacamole without fear of success because there is only one life. Roasted onions are essential for dinner. Ask for the quickest sauce, that you feel is a pity.

Where: Avenida División del Norte # 2804, Parque San Andrés Neighborhood, Coyoacán Mayor’s Office.

The place of tradition that you can’t remember. Pastor Tacos deserves tribute: they are well ‘tufted’ and presented at a good temperature: not so much that it burns the Sunnah, nor so much that it does not enlighten it.

Sauces are unique and there is something for everyone, so you already know what suits you best.

Where: Lorenzo Botorini # 4503, Colony Aeronautica Multiar, Office of the Mayor of Vincentano Caransa.


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