“Where would you go if you couldn’t chase 160 at home?” – Rameez Raja knocked out SL after the first T20 defeat

Former Pakistan cricketer Rameez Raja was disappointed along the way Sri Lanka Batted in the first match of the three-match T20 series India. The hosts piled up just 126, 38 runs from their target and failed to show any backbone in their pursuit.

Rameez Raja pointed out that the Sri Lankan batsmen did not plan, which caused them to lose the game. The batsmen had no intention of coming together to form a significant partnership that could bring them closer to the target.

Rameez Raja said in a video on his YouTube channel that even at home, if Sri Lanka runs poorly, they will face a price. He wants the hosts to take advantage of their home to compete against the Indian team.

“When India scored 160, they could have been expected to win, because you can expect Sri Lanka to make mistakes often. You needed a couple of partnerships and a batsman to win the game. He had to score 70. But he had no strategy. Rameez Raja said to this Sri Lankan team: If you can’t chase 160 at home, where will you go? Bringing new players in a lost environment Dangerous, so it is important for Sri Lanka to start preparing wickets that will challenge India.

Rameez Raja praised Surya Kumar Yadav

Rameez Raja is very impressed with the route Surya Kumar Yadav Involved in international cricket. The right-hander, who won the Player of the Series award in ODIs, had scored 50 off just 34 balls in the first T20.

The wicket was a bit slow but Surya Kumar Yadav continued his free flow stroke play and he was almost stopped. Raja appreciated his ability to keep up the pace despite the conditions not being ideal for batting.

“Surya Kumar Yadav played a great innings. He does not look like he is playing his first season for India as he has almost immediately announced himself on the international stage. Batting at a certain tempo and taking no risk. It is really difficult to advance. He is about ten steps ahead of the opposition, he has a lot of options to attack and this is a very good result.


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