Which states will return this Monday, October 11?

From next Monday. On October 11, the seven states will return to face-to-face classes. With strict sanitary protocol in accordance with the guidelines established by Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), Local officials reported.

Baja California, Hudalgo, Meshkwan, Nayarit, New lion, Sinaloa and Zacatecas confirmed this. Gradually, different municipalities will add classrooms.Hygiene measures such as healthy distance, mandatory use of face masks, frequent hand washing and without civic events.

On Baja California., The return is gradual.Well, they have. Class 313 returned to schools face to face.. In addition, 51 schools of all academic levels are expected to reopen next week, with 650,000 students enrolled in 3,000 primary schools.

Of SEP Noble man It has been confirmed that next Monday the municipal schools will include Nicholas Flores, Taco Zotla, Lolotla, Talhoelpin and Jaltokin. Return to face-to-face, gradual and volunteer classes..

He reported. 426 schools. Out of 15 areas with enrollment of about 19 thousand students-out of 84 who make up the entity- They are back in the classrooms. With all relevant preventive measures.

On مشکوان۔, Governor Alfredo Ramirez Bedola said They will return to the classrooms next Monday. Young people with an intermediate and higher education, while those with a basic education will be able to do so by October 18.

Fernando Lopez, Director of Public Health of the Health Services. نیاریٹ۔Announced next Monday 20 municipalities will return to face-to-face classes as an option., After entering Yellow epidemic traffic light.

On New lion, Governor Samuel Garcia, Reported that October 11 students can return to classrooms.. “We will make a formal announcement this Sunday. Stay tuned,” the president said.

For its part, the Ministry of Public Education and Culture. سینالوا۔, Announced that 1,098 elementary school students. They will return to face-to-face classes this Monday.Of the approximately 1,100 public and private sector schools, they are included in the 1,157 that opened on September 2.

“Attendance begins at 1,098 schools in Sinaloa on Monday. This is the second package to be integrated into the 1,157 schools that will open on September 2, respecting procedures and protocols.

Posted on your Twitter account.

On Zacatecas, In addition to primary education schools, students of the institution’s independent university. They will reactivate face-to-face activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

This decision has been made in accordance with the commitment made by the Secretaries of Health at the federal and state levels, as defined by the University. Green traffic light For the company in the coming weeks.

He said that graduate students will be involved in classroom activities and gradually all students will be enrolled in different educational units. So that the transfer is completed on October 25. From online classes to face-to-face education.



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