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L. 15 June June 2012 comenzó el Definition of the Accordion for Linguistics in Infinity (DACA for its English language) que otorga a los “soedadores” permisos de trabajo y protección temporal frente a su deportación y actualmente se encuntra estancado.

The implementation of this program, in Barack Obama’s El Mandito, There are more than 500 million Mexican beneficiaries, and its participation in the esteemed society is important in various industries. The interior has become a sea for migrant communities, as is the case with the governing councils, which is constantly developing the program.

Appears the miracles, at the mark of the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the DACA, the embadcher of Mexico in the United States, Esteban Moctezuma, It is important to note that the regular statutes of 100 are aware of the program that supports the “listeners” o “خواب ਦੇਖਣ والے” a través de una carta.

The embezzler says that since the dependency of Mexico is there is always the help of the helper who is here altogether for the regular situation of the beneficiaries of DACA y que estén 100 por ciento instalados en tierras estadounidenses.

Pero bueno, vamos por partes to recognize the relevance of DACA for the migrant community and for united states.

What is the DACA?

On June 15, 2012, the President, Barack Obama, established the program, which protects the deportation and renewal of renewal permits at two decades. The immigrants who come to the country with irregular siendo niños.

There is a legislative fault that our permanent solution to the situation of 800 million amperes by the program, The entourage of President Donald Trump was canceled in 2017 but, due to the judicial issueshas been operating under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Justice.

The original president, Joe Biden, is ready to reform immigration. que otorgue ciudadadanía a los alrededor de 11 millones de indocumentados In the country or the beneficiaries of DACA, but the initiative is still in the Congress.

There is a document of the Mexican Consulate in New York, the beneficiaries of the DACA are eligible:

  • Llegaron a Estados Unidos ante de haber cumplido 16 años.
  • Edad minima 15 a alos al momento de solicitarand a maximum of 31 years from June 15, 2012.
  • If vivid in states of continuity since the beginning of 2007 or so.
  • Cuenta with bachelor’s diploma (High School) Diploma GED / TASC is studying some of the students.
  • No, it was declared guilty by a delusional gravedelito menor meanativo o tres delitos menores.

The benefits that come with this program when it comes to regularity are:

  • P.temporal error.
  • No. De Seguro Social.
  • Identification of the state en el que se encuentre.
  • Licencia de conducir Dell is in the queue to meet him.
  • Seguro Medico Dell is in the queue to meet him.

¿Cuáles son los riesgos de no regularizar el DACA?

لا Participation of the beneficiaries of DACA es basic en distintas industrias de Estados Unidos. The possibility of “dreamers” who support their trade in a country that has a cancellation or a fallacy is a signifiable response to the number of thousands of tradesmen in various industries:

  • El Minos 343 million beneficiaries of DACA are essential traineesAccord with the Coalition of Empires, Activists, Beneficiaries of DACA and Educational Institutions.
  • 34 million beneficiaries Dell DACA provides medical services servicesy su participación fue de gran importancia durante la pandemia de COVID-19.
  • 11 million beneficiaries of DACA services in hospitals y clinicas estadounidenses.
  • In education Here are 20 million educators benefiting from the program.
  • In the industry of alimentation, There are more than 100 million beneficiaries of the DACA who work in the administration of the administration United States of America.

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