Who is Loaded Lux, the veteran combat rapper who got out of Donte Wilder before Tyson Fury Fight?

Donte Wilder challenged Tyson Rosh. Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the WBC Heavyweight title. Wilder went out for the famous war rapper Loaded Lux’s famous rap ‘Till This Day’. For his epic confrontation against Lux, he went along with ‘The Bronze Bomber’. Tyson Fury.

Check out Donte Wilder’s Walk with Loaded Lux ​​below:

Loaded Lux ​​is an American MC, veteran war rapper and businessman from Harlem, New York, USA. Born on August 26, 1984, Lux’s real name is John Lux. Due to its intricate schemes and unique use of poetic patterns, Loaded Lux ​​is considered one of the greatest war rappers of all time.

Overall known for his contributions to war rap, Lux featured on several SMACK DVDs early in his career, battling other upcoming MCs such as Charlie Clips, Midwest / Young Miles and Dead Mock. Lux 106 and Park Freestyle remained unbeaten on Friday for seven weeks before being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007.

In the late 2000’s, Lloyd Lux ​​launched his own war rap league called Lyons Dean, which featured unique ‘barber shop’ and ‘small room’ style fights. The league became famous for introducing many legendary faces into mainstream video recorded combat circuits such as Arsenal, Godse, Te Rock and K Shine.

Loaded Lux ​​composed a song from Donte Wilder’s One Liner.

‘Till This Day’ is a song from Loaded Lux’s album ‘Talk Dirty 2’. Lux was inspired by a line that became famous when it was mentioned in an interview with Donte Wilder.

Donte Wilder. He was asked to make a statement about the struggle of black people in his first fight in 2018 against Tyson Rosh.

“You know we’re fighting and we’re still fighting. To this day, to this day, to this day.”

Watch Donte Wilder’s epic interview below:

The words that are repeated three times are rightly etched in the memory of every boxing lover. Speaking to DAZN about his famous One Liner, Donte Wilder said:

“When I say that it has opened up something in the minds of people all over the world. It doesn’t matter which country I go to, now I get out of their way just to thank the character who I have taken (speaking out against social injustice) and not being afraid to use the platform I have.


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