Who is Martin Lewis? What is the overall value and cost of living advice?

At the same time, there is a crisis of life, due to rising food prices, and petrol prices reaching record highs.

At times like these, we need some good concrete advice on how to deal with such difficult economic regions – and who better to cooperate than Martin Lewis’ icon.

Here’s everything you need to know, from her gross value, to what TV shows she’s on, and whether she’s married and has kids.

Who is Martin Lewis?

Consumer champion Martin Lewis questions Chancellor (Christie O’Connor / PA)

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Martin Lewis is a 50-year-old financial journalist who was born on May 9, 1972 in Witherington, Manchester.

After school, he studied government and law at the London School of Economics, before branching out into Broadcast Journalism at the University of Cardiff.

After graduating, he got a job as a producer for BBC Radio as well as Five Live.

The journalist was named OBE (Order of the British Empire) in the 2014 honorary list, for her services to consumer rights as well as charitable service.

He was also named CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2022 Honorary List for Consumer Rights and Broadcasting Services.

Martin tragically lost his mother in a car accident when he was a teenager, and later in life he took on the role of patron of the child’s mourning charity, Griff Encounter.

What is its net worth?

The true value of Martin Lewis is not known, but, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, he has certainly put his financial training to good use, with an estimated value of £ 123 million.

Martin founded Moneysavingexpert.com in 2003 for just £ 80, and, since then, has sold it in 2012 for £ 87 million.

What TV shows has Martin been on?

Martin has appeared in numerous TV shows throughout his career, and since 2012 he has co-produced The Martin Lewis Show on ITV with Angelica Bell.

In 2020, he revealed that he was leaving Good Morning UK after 17 years because he could not “handle” his busy workload.

The expert has also appeared in regular shows such as It Pays To Watch !, Tonight, Watchdog, and Lorraine.

Is Martin married and has children?

Martin married Lara Livington in 2009, a presenter, journalist, and ex-girlfriend of the season.

He has also worked as a reporter for the BBC’s Click to cover consumer technology news since 2011. The couple welcomed their first child, Sapphire Susan, in 2012.

What does Martin’s life crisis suggest?

Martin has a wide range of different pieces of advice for those who are struggling with the current crisis of life.

In May, he warned that the high cost of living could lead to “civil unrest”, once again predicting that the energy limit would rise again to £ 2,600 in October.

He told ITV’s Robert Piston: “I’m worried about civil unrest.

“So the government needs to get over it, and they need to get over it quickly, they need to be listened to, and they need to stop people from choosing whether to feed themselves or Feed your children.

“And now we are in it. We were in a state of relative poverty and we are moving towards absolute poverty and we cannot allow that to happen.

So, what tips and tricks does he have to deal with the situation? Here are some simple things to try.

  • Check your phone agreement.

Money Savings Expert recommends using price comparison tools to gauge whether you can save up to ً 200 a year on your phone deal.

  • Control your direct debit.

“Recurring payments are rarely known, and are hidden,” reads Money Saving Expert. “This is where you allow firms to make” payments “each month from your debit or credit card.”

  • Sell ​​what you don’t need.

MSE recommends selling something if you haven’t used it in over a year. From old smartphones and devices to clothes, books and furniture can be sold online these days. Try websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Vintage, Gumtree and Shapok.

  • Obtain NHS prescription certificate.

If you use more than one NHS prescription in a month, it is beneficial to invest in a certificate, which is a one-time fee that covers all prescriptions for a period of one month to one year.

  • Use the weather to your advantage.

If the weather is good, dry the laundry outside instead of using a tumble dryer. It can save you about £ 28 a year.

  • Squeeze out everything you have.

In very difficult times, it may be necessary to cut corners wherever possible, whether it is squeezing the last bit of toothpaste from the tube, or cutting the dishwasher tablets in half – every little help!

  • Keep an eye out for price reductions

Find out about your local supermarket and when they are more likely to put small yellow stickers on the sale logo material. Be sure to shop at these times.

After eliminating the tampon tax, there are other ways to reduce monthly expenses, including reusable sanitary products.

  • Get food, drink and more for free.

When there is something wrong with the food, instead of throwing it away, share it with the community using Olio. Major retailers such as Tesco, Pret and Planet Organic have also teamed up with the app to offer their extra food.

Last but not least, save money on food, such as using websites Jack Monroe cooking on bootstrap.

See the full list at Money saver’s website.