Who is the best defender in the NFL? NFL fans are shocked by Jamal Adams’ deal.

The news came through this week that Seattle Sea Hawks. And Jamal has Adams. Agreed To do The biggest deal ever For safety. There were some concerns among Seahawks fans about the construction of the Adams deal, but after Star Safety put the pen to paper, those concerns vanished.

Naturally, such a big deal has turned the tide on whether he deserves a deal of this size and if the NFL has better safety than he deserves a bigger salary. Here is a final list of the league’s five best defenses that deserve to be paid at least as much as Jamal Adams.

The best safety in the NFL is not Jamal Adams.

# 1 – Justin Siemens, Denver Broncos.

Simmons is the consensus choice for the best defense in the NFL today, perhaps even better than Jamal Adams. He constantly breaks the game in deep coverage and can break the play even when shining.

He can also come to the defensive line and has a utility cornerback. While he allowed seven touchdowns last season, he blocked five. The opposing passing rating against him was 99.8. Quite simply, Siemens has an advanced security.

# 2 – Taryn Matthews, Kansas City Chiefs.

Amazingly versatile, Tyrannon Matthew is comfortable playing both free defense and strong defense. He can play in the box, in the slot, or even in deep coverage. His game intelligence sets him apart.

He can play in almost any scheme and is one of the best manipulators in positioning after Snap. Not often, he wins half the battle against the quarterback in the brain.

# 3 – John Johnson III, Cleveland Browns.

Johnson III is another player who can play in schemes and positions as protection. They are comfortable in deep coverage, behind the defensive line or in slots. The opponent’s passing rating against him is only 95.1, but what sets him apart from his contemporaries, including Jamal Adams, is not only his ideal expectation of the ball, but also his ability to stop the receiver in his tracks.

# 4 – Manka Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fitzpatrick has made a difference in the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has broken up nine passes and 11 passes in the last two seasons. He is currently the best net free defense in the NFL.

# 5 – Jesse Bates, Cincinnati Bengals.

If Jamal Adams is good against the run, Jesse Bates teased him against the pass. Despite the unusual return of 12 pass break-ups and playing in the middle of the field, three obstacles are a testament to the team’s value. He became the Cincinnati Bengals’ first all-pro since 2015.


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