Who will be our President in 2024?

Disposing of the results of the 5th of June junior elections, while Morena won the 4th to 6th GUBERNATURES to PRI / PAN / PRD, to confirm the preference for the presidency for the President’s presidency, as is the case with the Saliano es, At the very least, Morena has won the presidency of the Republic, the mayor in the camera of deputies and senators and 21 governors, as the mayor and the Congress donde have won the Guberna.

And all and sundry, the ones that make the siren of Morena han an elecón, tienen claro que es gracias al apoyo del que goza el President Andres Manuel López Obrador, el cual, según las mediciones, ronda entre0700 de apoyo de the Mexicans and that we’ve heard that in April this year in the process of reviewing mandate from Alzara with an apology of the 90’s it seemed a favor to continue in the presidency pues 308,377 voted for the sake of the Presidency).

For those with the resultant electorates and the preferences in the inquisitive, donde and chihuahua for eEmployment in the ultimate consultation of Mitofky realized apenas in April 2022, the President’s approval is 60,3 de marustanes de marucan den de campoción Because the question of obvia is é Who is Morena going to be the candidate, or the post President or President of Mexico?

And for the respondent, cobra relevanci entn entonces el evento domingo pasado en el Mexicado donde se reunió la plana mayor de Morena para mandar un mensage de unidad y fortaleza rumbo al 2023 y 2024, con los considerados favoritos a la nominiación, premier de Claudia. and Marcelo Ebrard, the accomplices for Aden Augusto López but who wants to be more like an emerging batsman.

For the sake of those who are estranged in the sun, with the apostle and with whom it is divided the militancy and simplicity of Morena is for the sake of the President and the despair of the President of the Republic, the salutation of the President. More and more of their numbers are not from the Dominion Pass, since they have been months away from the mediums of communication and articulation of nationalities, will they be the ones who have the candidacy and practice of the President of Mexico? And there are also times when relevance of the President’s words about elves and in some concepts of the three, as well as the words of the two of them in the event of the fall.

On the other hand, the last word from the President is as follows: “Sheinbaum is smart, intelligent, honest; Marcelo Ebrard is representing me in the Cumbre Mui bien, with a very dignified, un politico professional “. And if we confess, we will die in 2024… the unity we build, the constructs we build when we have our parejo, when we leave the old one Estado de Mexico, en Coahuila y en claudia 20 part 2 dijo: “… We are more united than we are, we are not personal by encima sagrados del pueblo de Mexico.

We are united for the sake of transformation, for the sake of justice and for the sake of social justice ” From 2000 to 2006, Sheinbaum became the Secretary of the Middle East and Ebrard as the Public Security Secretary of the Public Security, and also wanted to join or join the President, in PRD.

Who knows what the President and his friends will say, but who knows who will be the candidate or the candidate? Mario Delgado, the president of the party has said that if he decides to inquire, he decides that salga with the most preferences. We are still trying to find out who all depend on this is the best position to seperate on the right side to initiate the process of selective Rambo 2024.

One of the two is going to be, and if the President fuer parece obvio a quiné preferred, without embargo, every va depends on the positivado that seems ambiguous for a long time to come, and salvage encuedasque in that enco siguiente to every parent que ella podría ser nuestra Próxima Presidenta, la primera mujer Presidenta en la historia de México.