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Young startups often thrill early adopters by offering excellent customer service with a personal touch. Many big tech companies, on the other hand, are notorious for holding onto any type of problem they run into. Let’s see why this is happening, and whether that might change anytime soon. , Anna


Writer and engineer Gergely Orosz “Handling large scale customer complaints at most tech companies is broken” wrote In a blog post.

Like many tech workers, Oroz learned of customer service struggles while working at Skype and Uber: “As soon as you update your LinkedIn profile to the new gig, you start getting messages from friends of friends saying that Ask them to solve one of their problems.”

If people inside tech companies are desperate to find a connection that can help them with an issue, it’s because of how hard it is to get a human in the loop. Meta is a clear example of this: “Facebook and Instagram serve nearly 3 billion users a day with one help desk, with numbers approaching zero,” Wall Street Journal informed of,