Whose side is he on? 2021/10/10.

Which side are you on For or against violence? For or against corruption? For or against the crime? Are you good people or bad people? Are you with the Conservatives or with the Liberals? Wanted or synchronized? Do you want to pay more or less for energy and gas? Do you want legal action or apology against former Mexican presidents? Do you want to retain or revoke the mandate of the President?

The answers are obvious, because there are questions. It seems like someone is betting on the right thing, but the reality of this country is not so simple. It includes shortcomings, shortcomings, abandonments, exemptions, arbitrariness, illegality, failed conditions of past administration and present which further deepen inequality and problems.

Days go by and the conversation that is polarized does not stop, it spreads, it has already taken root. It is paid with an ultimatum, threat or exposure to those who do not think or think alike. Divide and conquer …

Now, political parties must choose which side they are on and will make it public or will they be exposed, to think differently?

As the Union Congress begins debating power reform, many lawmakers will keep in mind the words spoken at the National Palace:

“Are you in favor of foreign companies that receive subsidies and that could lead us to a blackout crisis or an increase in rates, as is happening in Spain? If the Federal Electricity Commission, which is a public company “Yes, if it is decided to support, then we will be guaranteed that there will be no shortage of electricity, no blackout, but also no increase in the price of electricity. Light.”

Lawmakers were called to say whether they are in favor of the public, consumers, consumers or companies and interest groups. It would be “treason” for them to think differently.

The problem of power reform gives rise to an old demand, a style of government, a basic demand. On June 6, 2020, from Manhattan, Veracruz, the chief executive asked, “Everyone should be in the right place. This is not the time for imitation. We are either conservative or we are liberal. There are no half-measures.” .) Either for change or against the change of country whether it is for honesty and to cleanse Mexico from corruption or it is conditional on the subjugation of the Mexican majority and the retention of a few privileges at the expense of the poor. Well, it’s time for a compliment.

There is a trap in the question, because there is no one who publicly admits that he is on the side of the corrupt or criminals or, are you?

And even with a clear answer, crimes and wrongdoings are not punished. Do you know who they arrested or accepted on charges of alleged corruption in children’s homes, failure to supply oncological drugs and failure in government hospitals, mismanagement in Seguro Popular, fuel theft?

Forgiveness and forgetfulness for the bad guys in history, hugs for drug lords and criminals “are the people who deserve our respect” (February 16, 2020, message to members of the Tipatilin, Jalisco, National Guard); Persecution and exhibition for intellectuals and scientists.

Whose side is he on? Keep in mind that the people who live in the Del Valle neighborhood (in CDMX) belong to the middle class, aspiring, with a conservative mindset that outweighs those who live in Las Lomas. Is.

If you are with mothers and fathers who demand medicine or vaccines for their children, with medical staff who protest because they were not paid and there is no supply in government hospitals, or feminist women who Says forgiveness and stop violence, he runs the risk. Being isolated as a conservative who allows himself to be manipulated by opponents.

Good and bad? Let’s not fall into this trap.


“When we had a one-party country, we believed that it would be better when there were free elections (1), we went into the world with competitive and supervised elections, but the reality was not better …

“Hopes fall, great promises fall, but it must be acknowledged that they too led to a dead end. Excessive hopes are not positive, we have to learn to live in crisis. Juan Volro. To my partner Virginia Bootsta., About his new novel. Land of the Great Promise.. The author describes Mexico as a land of failed promises.Excelsior, 10/07/2021).

Author: Meczyki

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