Why did Andre Ward retire?

Andre WardBoxing career ended due to lack of desire to bear the physicality of the game.

Ward formally announced his retirement from professional boxing on October 21, 2017. He launched his website and Revealed That his body could not be punished by the strict government and his love for this game had diminished.

“I want to be clear, I’m leaving because my body can’t stand the rigors of the game anymore and so I don’t want to fight anymore. If I don’t give it all to my family, my team and the fans. Maybe what I have, then I shouldn’t fight anymore. “

Andre Ward’s perfect record is 32 wins and losses. The undefeated fighter retired as WBA (undisputed), IBF, WBO and The Ring Light Heavyweight title, which he later vacated.

Boxerk, a boxing ranking company, still considers Andre Ward a pound fighter for the fifth greatest pound of all time.

On December 15, 2020, Andre Ward was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in the 2021 class.

‘Son of God’ was known for his speed, ring IQ and ability to punch in a circle. The same can be seen from his last two battles against Sergei Kovalev.

The American competed against Coleo twice, first in 2016 and then in 2017. Ward won both battles by consensus and by TKO, respectively. His first fight drew unwanted attention because it was considered an unfair decision on Ward’s part.

Ward left no stone unturned in his second meeting with the Russians as he won the TKO in the eighth round.

See below 2 highlights of Andre Ward vs. Sergei Qualif:

Andre Ward was accused of favoring Donte Wilder in the fight against Tyson Rosh.

Andre Ward has put his vast knowledge of boxing to good use. He often appears as a commentator and analyst at boxing events.

Recently, he was seen commenting on a fight between the three. Tyson Fury And Donte Wilder., With renowned reporter Brian Kenny and boxing legend Linux Lewis.

He was criticized by the boxing community for allegedly taking sides with Wilder in the fight.

Here are some Twitter reactions to Ward’s comment:

SteveKim323 Andre Ward was very upset. Wilder lost … Tyson Roach won 3 fights. Wilder was never in it. If you are a boxer, lifting weights makes you slow and heavy. The commenter must be neutral.

ys Tyson_Fury Just wait until you hear a rude comment. – And beyond Complete lack of credit and respect! I’m pulling for the person you like, but need to leave it! A personal call from an individual who wanted to knock your head off !!


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