Why does his family ask his followers for blood? – Financial.

Through Social Network From Oscar Cadina, Former presenter of Program Television Infrared camera., his Daughter (Maria Jose Cadina.Asked. Followers of the Journalist Nails Blood transfusion By the way, I still know. مل On Intensive therapy, After Of intervention From Emergency By a Peritonitis, In Cancun.

I Social networking From Chain, Who has 32,000 followers, Explains Requirements Who need Transfer, Like Blood type (Or negative., Go to Meeting with fast From Four to eight hours, Not eaten Wines For 72 hours, Don’t get tattooed Or pass through a. Surgery In a year, Weight over 50 kg And no Eat more fatty foods..

Also, go to anyone who is interested in donating. The hospital. PlayaMed, located in Cancun, Nader Avenue, Super Block 2, Lot 1. The patient’s full name. Oscar Marshall Chain جیمنیز۔.

Of September 28 He did it Oscar Cadina It had to happen. Of intervention For emergencies Peritonitis, Anxiety disorder Which contains Inflammation of the Membrane Which covers Abdominal wall And Core Of Abdominal organs. If it doesn’t show up on time, it could happen. mortal.

During In advance In days, it got here. Tell me That already Was deadA However, his daughter Maria Juice Always focused refusal And Clear Her father’s health condition is currently, Continues with extreme care and short and slow growth..

Chain Jumped on Fame With a program of Complaint On Televisa, Called Infrared camera.A However, there was one. Comedy class With the title ‘Video Soup’, in which Viewers They sent Homemade tape with Funny moments Took in Surprise.

After finishing your show, Chain I know be quite To Cancun, From where line to her Show., But now, to Via YouTube.


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