Why ‘Hangover Leave’ Your Workers Really Want?

While great resignations have prompted employers to offer increasingly generous benefits, it can still be hard to know which policies your workers will value most. Some of the creative benefits offered by companies on Inc.’s Best Workplaces list for 2022 include access to parenting coaches, work-life balance specialists, and even handyman services.

So what do workers wish they didn’t have today? Recovery time after an alcohol-fueled company walk and free sleep counseling tops the list, according to a new vote Powered by HR regulatory compliance company Trusaic. The survey asked respondents to choose between 10 job perks described by the company as “weird,” such as paid leave after a breakup or a free mediation session with a Buddhist monk. Although 43 percent of respondents didn’t choose any of the perks listed in the survey, 23 percent of respondents chose so-called “hangover leave,” while 21 percent chose sleep hygiene analysis and access to a premium subscription to the Sleep app. The survey surveyed 1,230 US adults.

The results suggest that workers value the benefits associated with sleep, and the link between sleep and job performance is well documented. as of 2014 CDC According to the study, 35.2 percent of American adults were getting less than the organization’s recommended seven hours of sleep per night. The CDC says that not getting enough sleep can make it difficult to focus on long tasks and increase the chances of errors in your employees’ work.

Should you offer perks that help your employees get more sleep? Trussic CEO Robert Sheen says the survey isn’t intended to encourage adoption of any specific benefits, but giving your employees the tools to more effectively rest and sleep when they need it can lead to better performance.

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