Why I left Max Kellerman ‘First Tech’

Stephen A. Smith set a record for direct co-hosts. Max Kellerman’s exit from ESPN’s “First Tech”.In a revealing interview. Hot 97..

When asked, “What is the truth?” Smith confirmed Kellerman’s departure together five years later on the show. The post was initially reported by Andrew Marchand. – That he wanted to remove Kellerman from the program.

“The rumors are true in my opinion that they want to take him off the show. Let’s get him out of the way. Yes I did. [want him off the show]”Smith told radio hosts Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg.

“It wasn’t really about asking her out of the show, it was about the fact that I knew we, as far as I was concerned, weren’t a great partnership anymore and that’s what There was something that needed to change.

“The reason I dislike my position, No. 1, is that it’s not a blow to her talent, professionally, her work ethic, and everything else. It’s not what I want. The man had to be kicked out. I knew there were landing spots for him on the network that would generate as much, if not more, for him and all that.

Smith confirmed that the decision was specifically about “keeping things fresh” by implementing change, rather than removing Kellerman.

“It wasn’t my decision, either,” Smith said. “I made my recommendation. [to ESPN]. They ask, I tell. Every year when the NBA season ends, the boss asks me where I stand; and I tell Max.

When asked about Kellerman’s reaction to the show’s decision-making network on the show, Smith replied, “He didn’t agree with me, and he disagreed with me three years ago. He disagreed two years ago and this time he disagreed. We have always understood where we stand together. He also knew that it was not a personal matter and that it was his talent. There is nothing against it.

“I didn’t feel like moving forward. He and I were the right call together and I said boss.” They disagreed with me a few times in the past. Obviously, this time, they understood and they did it.

“We don’t have a bad relationship. I think he’s a good guy. I appreciate what he did for the show. We’ve been number one for five years. We’ve been number one, and I admire him. Do

Earlier, Smith explained that he and Kellerman tap “15 episodes a day, 75 episodes a week, [and] It takes more than 3,000 a year “- and he said he thinks the audience apparently felt his chemistry explode.

Smith said, “The fact is that you have a chemistry and sometimes it just stops, and the audience tells you it’s the same and you feel the need for something fresh, you retweet. I feel the need to. ”

Stephen A. Smith opened on the departure of Max Kellerman. "Take first"
Stephen A. Smith opens with a departure from Max Kellerman’s “First Tech.”

the following Weekly reports, ESPN announced. Kellerman’s departure from “First Tech” Tuesday, August 24

Since then, Smith and the show’s host, Molly Cream Rose, have been promoting the “new era” of the popular sports program – one of which Rotating guest panel, Which will feature analysts, entertainers and sports personalities. Discussion on Smith On various topics

Michael Irwin made his full start to the weekly spot on Monday and Tim Tabo will join Smith on Friday.

What about Kellerman’s next move?

The host is doing his hour-long show on ESPN, “This Just In”, which will premiere on September 14 at 2 p.m. ET. The show will provide news, feedback and analysis on the day’s trending topics and other headlines.

Kellerman joined ESPN’s Morning Radio Circuit. Zabeen replaced Mahindi. On “Kishon, Jay Will and Zobin”


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