Why I Live in Old Gate East: Felix Conran’s East and Area Guide


I have been renting my flat in Eld Gate East from a friend for two years. He was using it as a photography studio and offered it to me one morning at 3 o’clock.

It’s in an old factory building and a white, empty space with nice floors that I’ve been able to impress. I live there with my Greek rescue dog, Apollo, and love the area’s never-ending entertainment frenzy.

The best food and drink

My sweet tooth is addicted to bread bakery. Built under an arch on Dunbridge Street, they sell excellent coffee and small mouth-watering cakes. My go-to is a sponge with heavy vanilla whipped cream and raspberries.

I’m a regular at Fibergate Street. Pieces of their Punjabi lamb are legendary. The Lahore Kebab House on Amberston Street looks like a crazy canteen, but the curries are delicious. For a great list of European small plates and wines, try the crisp on the white line.

Purper East & Pub Hunger Ford Arms on Commercial Road

/ Matt Rital

Hunger Ford Arms on Commercial Road is probably London’s worst pub, but it’s my favorite. This is a proper East and Hangout. Everyone has a character. Someone once tried to buy my friend’s dog.

Where i exercise

I’m not going to the gym I mainly stick to running and running along rivers and canals. It only takes 10 minutes to reach the shores of the Thames. You have to adjust the time so you don’t end up with wet feet, but that’s great. I also do yoga but at home.

To communicate with nature

It’s not a green area, but Bethany Green Gardens is close and beautiful. I am doing guerrilla gardening in one of the small neglected parks near me. Some of the grass seeds I planted are starting to germinate.

For cultural reform

The White Chapel Gallery on White Chapel High Street always does something wonderful, but I also love tapping into the hipster community at the modern Bank & Bow on Grill Lane. It’s a mid-century workplace that runs art shows, life drawing classes, jazz nights and book clubs. I enjoy daytime solo cinema trips, so I love Genesis Cinema on Mile End Road. They screen all the big movies but also choose the indie movies that they like.

Hipster Home: Bank & Bow hosts working space art shows, jazz nights and a book club

/ Matt Rital

Grocery shopping

I cook a lot and the wonderful YoYo Oriental Supermarket on Alie Street is my people. There is always a different dessert in their fridge. I go every day to see if they have matches. I’m also a big fan of frozen dumplings and spices.

There are two major markets: White Chapel Market on White Chapel Road and Watney Market on Watney Street, further south toward Shedwell. Exotic fruits and vegetables are amazing – big cane sticks and 18-inch green beans that you buy in a big floppy bundle.

Happening around

This is great on this front. Everywhere on the DLR, tube, overground or national rail is either walkable or accessible. The billing gate market on Trafalgar Way, for example, is only a 10-minute ride on the DLR.

Hurry to its cafe – it is open from 3am to 10am – and you can enjoy the best bacon sandwiches in London, including freshly caught scallops. There is a gust of wind to reach Camden and Peckham.

The White Chapel Art Gallery always does something wonderful.

/ Matt Rital

Street of dreams

Between Fournier Street, Commercial Street and Brick Lane, with all its beautiful Georgian buildings. A lot of new constructions are coming out recently, but they are not my cup of tea.

Something you only see in Aldgate East.

I’ve had a lot of accidents, so having the Royal London Hospital next door is reassuring. It’s comforting to know that I can crawl there. I also like to play spy in the ugly little park, trying to collect everything that happens overnight. I once found an unusual number of crabs there, with no idea where they all came from.

What’s the catch?

It’s dirty There has been a lot of redevelopment recently, but there is still a lack of basic hygiene.

In three words

Crazy, connected, community.

What’s the cost of living in Old Gate East?

To buy

Average property value: £ 589,920

To rent

Studio Apartments: ً 1,890 pcm on average

Two-Bed Apartment: Average 3,030 pcm

Source: Hampton


St. Paul’s White Chapel Church of England Primary School and Bigland Green have both been rated excellent, while many local schools have been rated good by Offset. For secondary, the high-achieving Mulberry School for Girls is ranked excellent with nearby Swanlea School and Sixth Form.