Why is it easier to access InfonaWet Credit with the new scoring system? – Financial.

The new T1000 origination model was launched by the National Institute of Housing Fund (Infonavit) and said that with the changes in the mechanism, an additional 1,060,995 more people will be able to access mortgage loans.

Applying for a home loan will no longer require 1,080 points and 116 as in the previous scheme.

“More points doesn’t mean more needs, but now Infonavit will take into account more factors to assess you and not just your age, salary or your savings in the housing sub-account.”

This new model makes it possible to reduce the two-month partnership, which has increased from six months to three. In addition, nine variants are considered for workers:

– Referred to two months.

– Integrated daily wage.

Housing sub-account balance.

– Age.

– Compliance with the employer’s partnership.

Job security

– Worker type

– Company turn

– Municipality

Analysis of these factors allows workers to be more creditworthy according to their needs and financial circumstances.


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