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Luiz Reis, Head of International Operations Growth for Bionexo Latam

By the end of 2021, about 2 years of living in a world in a pandemic where the key word in business was “digitization”, it may be that the benefits of entering the digital age are not yet obvious in some healthcare institutions.

The health care sector has all the reflectors on itself, not only the public but also the private sector, and although the medical part has an obvious star role, its achievement would not be possible without an administrative quality management that supports its work to offer your customers a complete experience.

In the new digital age, pretexts are useless, people are used to getting fast and accurate services, especially when it comes to health issues. Although all areas are important, procurement has played a crucial role in maintaining the institutions’ promise of service, in verifying that they do not run into a shortage of medical supplies.

How to take advantage of the digitalisation of purchases in the health sector?

Once again, the pandemic accelerated this process, but in addition to being forced, the health sector in digital purchasing management found an effective way to continue to operate in the midst of health preparedness, even without physically exposing its employees.

Below I share six reasons why clinics and hospitals should have a digital purchasing system, drawn from the experience of almost two years of pandemic:

1. Meet a world of suppliers. It is true, on many occasions we have suppliers that we have worked with for a long time and that is good, but that does not mean that we can not open our landscape to new alternatives that can offer us even better prices or support if needed. A market gives you the opportunity to enter the virtual menu that will enrich your range of vendors.

2. The advantage of electronic control. Much has been said about the benefits of digital control, and it’s true. With a digital buying process in the cloud, you can access the reports anytime and anywhere you want. Not only key purchasing staff but also management can have access to it to be aware of real-time movements.

3. Transparency and compliance. One of the most important features of the digital world is that everything is in the cloud and can be examined by the mechanisms that are determined at any time. Definite transparency and compliance with the procedures for compliance They provide greater security for the work team and investors.

4. Facilitates the work of purchasing staff. It is a myth that digitalisation replaces the work of purchasing staff, which is very necessary in companies; on the contrary, it facilitates your work, which you can even do remotely, without having to be physically exposed in difficult times like this.

Punctual follow-up without setbacks. Something that any company appreciates, especially if it’s medical services, is that you have one stock of necessities needed for the business. Buy is the first link in the chain so that an institution does not lack anything.

Put the consumer at the center. One of the major current trends in marketing, is to put the patient at the center, is to fulfill the promise of the value of a quality service. An efficient purchasing procedure avoids shortcomings and thus a poor patient experience.

A clinic or hospital can today do its purchasing process as it deems most appropriate, what is a fact is that avoiding digitization goes against a trend that will sooner or later come to you. It is better to be digital pioneers of conviction than to adapt out of necessity. Today it’s time.


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