William would be the perfect 007 candidate, says James Bond producer

James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have stated that they are “still on the hunt” for the next 007, joking that the “perfect candidate” is unavailable for the Duke of Cambridge role.

The siblings who made that film picked up their CBE from William at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

Ms Broccoli has produced nine Bond films with her brother in the past, including Casino Royale, Skyfall and most recently No Time to Die, and she said it was a “huge honour” to accept a CBE from Duke.

She added that “unfortunately, the person we just met is not available for the top job in the franchise”.

Ms Broccoli said: “Unfortunately, he is busy, but he would be the perfect candidate, ticks all the boxes.

“But that’s not available, sadly. So we’re still on the hunt.”


Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson receive their CBE from the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Asked if the pair has a favorite Bond film, Mr. Wilson said: “We like everyone. We always find something good in every film, especially, you know, the different actors who made great films. are of.

“I think, in our hearts, we believe that at least one of his films is excellent, if not many.”

Both are owners of Eon Productions, a family business founded by their father Albert “QB” Broccoli, and Ms Broccoli describes the pair working together as “a fine team, brother and sister team”. .

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She said: “It’s so comfortable when we’re working out together. It’s only around the dinner table that we have differences!”

Ms Broccoli described the British film industry as “the greatest in the world”, and, as she reflected on her career spanning four decades, she said: “‘I love working in this industry.

“It’s just the most incredible work and, you know, you meet the most extraordinary people and it’s such a privilege to make these films.”

Also receiving honors at the Palace on Friday was Martin Heitt’s mother Feigen Murray, who died in the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

Speaking about the intention behind her counter-terrorism operation, she said: “I could go down but that would not have been the right answer.”


Feigen Murray said her son, terror attack victim Martin Heitt, would be ‘extremely thrilled’ at his OBE (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

She continued: “I also realized that, as someone directly affected by terrorism, I was in a position to truly break the cycle of hatred by forgiving through my personal resilience. So it was for me to do so. was really important.”

When asked what an OBE means for her and her family, she told her husband: “I think Martin would be really thrilled, right?”

Meanwhile, in the fields of public health and science, Dr June Raine, chief executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, was made Dame for Health Services and the COVID-19 Response.

She described it as “a splendid honour” and said the recognition “goes to all those who have worked throughout COVID”.

“Our team is incredibly special, completely dedicated, and those years of hard work have ensured we get our weapons on time … worth every minute.”

She continued: “I think we’ve shown how to have an integrated system that brings people together, and we’re wonderfully blessed with an ecosystem in this country of fantastic science, but also an NHS that pulls together.

“So I think what we’ve learned will move us forward to be a real asset to the United Kingdom for developers who want to put new drugs and new vaccines into use to be the first to make it here.”