With “Hello Precious,” the Florida Jewish Museum pays tribute to Barbara Streisand.


with “Hello! Beautiful“, Florida Jewish Museum From this Thursday, sixty years of artistic journey. Barbara Stressand. Through photos, videos, records and costumes of this living legend who rose to stardom in the sixties.Blonde girlBroadway musical, which later became a classic on the big screen.

She was like a rocket in Strasbourg.The actress and singer recalls the early days of Broadway producer and director Richard J. Alexander.

J. Alexander, during the opening of one of the hosts this Thursday. Shows In Miami Beach, he told EFE that he “fell in love” with Streisand when he was very young and watched a movie.Blonde girlOn his difficult relationship with Woodwell star Fanny Bryce and his hardworking player Nick Ernstein (Omar Sharif).

She broke into the world through Fanny Bryce. If you haven’t seen it on Broadway, you’ve seen it in the movie.“Emphasizes the producer, who has worked with Stressend for the last 21 years.

A window for a strong woman.

Describing her as a unique, skilled, versatile, talented, intelligent, humorous and beautiful woman, Jay Alexander highlighted that she was one of the “only” actresses to appear in a film version of Broadway and the same play. Has actedBlonde girl“.

The people who were from Broadway were from Broadway, the people who were movie stars were movie stars.“, He explains.

The producer, who says Streisand is writing his autobiography and plans to publish it in 2022, when he turns 80, says the show is a miracle and an opportunity for new generations to know. Is.

He says that in a scene from “Hello Gorges”, “Funny Girl”, Stressand’s famous phrase when he looks in the mirror.Collects many items borrowed from Collector Lou Papalas.

It includes her Brooklyn Erasmus Hall High School (1959) annual book, some of her first nightclub deals, her original dress with the sailor shirt of her first television special. “My name is Barbara.And the original tunic he wore. “Intel” (1983).

Jay Alexander is still amazed at the $ 150-a-week contracts he started in the 1960s.

He is the icon of everything. There is no such thing as a career.The director says that while emphasizing that he is an actress, singer, producer, director and philanthropist.

For Jacqueline Goldstein, curator of the exhibition, this is a very important and timely exhibition. “Because it shows the courage of a very strong woman.“.

Hello Georges is a woman’s window behind a star, a comedian and a fighter with a great career that was “a great inspiration” and continues“She is excited to be able to take a woman with such a history to the next generation,” he said.

Goldstein remembered it. Barbara Stressand. He has won Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes and Tony Awards, as well as the Kennedy Center and the Medal of Freedom during the Barack Obama administration.

Danger of the funny girl.

A new production of “Funny Girl” will return to Broadway in 2022, and the premiere is only scheduled for Straisand’s 80th birthday, April 24, at the August Wilson Theater.

This time it will be the actress. Benny Feldstein. The main character of a play who Streisand starred in 1964 and was later awarded the Oscar for Best Actress for the 1968 film adaptation..

For Jay Alexander, reviving this musical comedy 58 years later is “It’s Crazy.”

He says Broadway has decided that no one is “so talented” as to play the role of Stressman.

Although it is “suicidal” for him, he expresses his “respect” for the production and the cast.

Jay Alexander noted that the singer, who has released a new album this year.Release me 2., He was unable to see the exhibition that was opened at the Temple Emmanuel Striker Center in New York due to epidemics.

With the release of the second volume this yearLeave meThe singer said on the album’s cover that she’s back in the “vault” of the past with arrangements that suddenly didn’t fit perfectly or songs that fit the album’s tone.

It’s been a pleasant walk through the memories … a chance to see again and in some cases added a final instrument to the songs that still resonate with me.“, they say.

J. Alexander agrees, that Streisand, Joe. He has recorded 52 Gold and 31 Platinum albums., You have “a unique value files”.

Streisand, who has acted in more than two dozen major films,Not only did she take advantage of her voice ability and unique international stardom, but she also redefined the female celebrity.The museum says the exhibition will run until next February.

It paved the way. “A new generation of female artists, and millions of Jewish women, were irrationally themselves.“It simply came to our notice then.


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