With love, Edith Marquez sings heartbreaking songs.

Juarez City The atmosphere of romance, love, nostalgia and heartache tonight filled the Plaza de la Mexicanidad with Edith Marquez-style voice and emotion.

After translating several songs with thousands of frontier people who gathered at X, when every word of each song reached the depths of the heart, Edith Marquez announced that she was pursuing one for the men who The pain is gone. Woman

“People in the north of this country are chinchillas, they are nets and women are ambushes. If you come with someone who has hurt you, this song is hairy, it’s unbelievable. I’m so heartbreaking. Want to hear the cry, make my savvy juries happy!

His son Bastian was in charge of opening the concert and he performed his first single, Como Yu.

Edith Marquez opened with “My Mistake My Imagination” followed by “Lilmarda” with Marichi.

In the store they couldn’t remember ‘forget it’, ‘that kiss’, ‘without it’, ‘I can go back’, ‘don’t worry about me’ and ‘let’s not argue’.

Finally, he sang “It’s Complicated” with Bastian.

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