With the green traffic light, the return to the classrooms at UNAM will be faster.

Following criticism from the National Palace for not returning to face-to-face classes, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) assured that its work would not stop for a day and despite many challenges and challenges. That brought health crisis, “it is fully compatible with university students and Mexico, while respecting internal academic life.”

He stressed that the physical presence of the community will continue to grow with the necessary hygiene measures “and, as has been reported from the outset, once the epidemic’s traffic light has turned green, the return to the classroom has accelerated. Will be done. “

He said the student body’s presence would continue on a voluntary basis and classes would be taught remotely for those who could not attend, as has been the case since the first day of incarceration.

In a press release, UNAM personally acknowledged the need to return to activities, which it does, saying it respects the agreements of the technical councils of various schools and faculties and the humanities and scientific research subsystems. Cultural spread.

The above so that there is a gradual and safe return to all the facilities of the University.

UNAM has been and continues to be an educational institution with a horizontal structure, both to oversee its educational decisions and to oversee administration and public resources.

To this end, it encompasses different levels of responsibility and decision-making, with educational institutions selected by different communities, where its eligibility issues are independently and multifacetedly analyzed and discussed, and decisions are made. Are done through democracy. Mechanism. He added.


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