Wonderland Day 2022: How is history marked in the UK?


Undersecretary’s Day, in response to the U.S. Federal Holiday Jonathan, is a day to honor the British Caribbean community.

Half a million people who traveled to Britain after World War II and their cultural and social services will be remembered on June 22 this year.

The first Wonderland Day was held on June 22, 2018. Independent ‘Lessons Learned Review’ Published by Wendy Williams for Home Office Advice.

More people than ever are supporting the Wonder Generation, so that they can sympathize with the hardships they have endured.

When is Wonderland Day 2022?

Wednesday, June 22 is Wonderland Day.

The purpose of the day is to celebrate the Wanderers race and their contribution to British society.

Who are the Windrush breeds?

June 22, 1948 – 71 years ago – Hundreds of people arrived from the Caribbean to live in Britain.

After World War II, Caribbeans serving in the British Armed Forces were encouraged to come to Britain and help rebuild Britain.

Many people boarded the HMT Empire Windrush.

The Caribbean, at the time, was part of the British Commonwealth, which gave newcomers the automatic right to live and work in the UK as British citizens.

An estimated 500,000 people living in the UK are part of the Wanderers Generation, who came between 1948 and 1971.

What happened during the Wonderland scandal?

Many immigrants from the Caribbean to the UK have faced discrimination and racism in the UK.

In 2018, it was revealed that the Conservative government had told some members of the Wanderers race that they were living in the UK illegally.

Although many people have lived and worked in the UK for most of their lives, changes to the law require them to have official documents to access healthcare.

Some people who lost their official documents or were unable to provide them were sent to immigration detention centers. At least 83 people were wrongfully deported.

The scandal led to the resignation of then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd, sparking a wide-ranging debate over British immigration and deportation policy, which can be seen today in the context of Rwanda’s asylum-seeking controversy.

What events are happening in London and the UK this year in line with history?

Will run the National Maritime Museum. A whole day of windrush events On June 22, 2022. From choir performances to calypso workshops, to character tours at the museum, the free celebration will honor the culture brought with the Wanderers Generation.

Crystal Palace’s Reddit Wonderland Festival has moved to Bridges Park for this year’s celebration. For the whole family, the festival will feature live music, a food village with international traders, and African and Caribbean car displays, including an Afro-classic register. find. Full list of actors For the June 25-26 event.

Hackney Empire will host one. Stand for Windrush. Many stars, including BBC Radio London presenter Edinster MBE and Richard BlackwoodHolyox), Curtis Walker (The real McCoy), Thanya Moore (Edinburgh Fringe), Travis J (Edinburgh Fringe) and BB Crew ()Get Raunchy).

On June 16, author Tony Fairweather will launch his new book, Twenty-eight pounds ten shillings – a wonder storyAt the Brixton Library, many young Caribbeans experienced Empire Wonderland on a two-week trip.

Lambeth Council He will continue his ‘We Are Here’ campaign, joining the Brixton Project and performing a long song by Desmond Decker’s ‘If You Really Want It, You Can Get It’. 10.27am

The time has been chosen to mark the 1,027 passengers who arrived in the UK in 1948 aboard the Wonderland.

Also unveiled at London’s Waterloo Station is a national monument paying homage to the Wanderers race, as well as two statues outside Hackney Town Hall.