Xisco will have to start with Jeremy Nagakia vs. Wolves.

Whitford hosted the Wolves on Vickers Road this weekend as they struggled to bounce back from two straight defeats in the Premier League.

Before the international break, towards Xisco Munoz. Lost to Brighton and Tottenham were scoring without a goal as they failed to score. 3-2 win The first day of the campaign against Austin Villa.

Now they face a team of wolves who have lost all three of their Premier League games without conceding a goal. Bruno Ledge team. Defeated 1-0. From Tottenham, Manchester United and Leicester, Watford are now trying to add to their woes.

Xisco may need to make changes to its squad to give the wolves a better chance of getting a positive result. One change he could have made is in the right back position, Craig Keith Cart failed to impress in the first three games.

Made by 32-year-old. Zero Chance and made in the Premier League. a mistake Leads to a shot. He is one Center back through trade. And it’s shining in his performances, which means it’s time to give Jeremy Nagakia a chance to start.

Should Ngakia start?





The 21-year-old came off the bench in the second half to replace Keith Cart against Tottenham and was given a brilliant delivery. Sofa score A rating of 7.1 for its display, as it did four tackles and two clearances. Last season, he created. 18 10 chances to get started. In the championship and the average of the score 6.96. For hornets

He also has. Previous Premier League experience And, in 2020, former West Ham player John Moncour praised the fullback and compared him to Manchester United’s Aaron Van Basaka.

he said: “Obviously there’s a fantasy about him, but he has a lot of natural abilities. If you look, you know, he eats the earth. He’s good at moving. He gives me a little van basaka Reminds me, he has a leg and he’s a good protector.

As Moncor said, Nagakia covers the earth and has the potential to be a threat in the last third. Adding his features to his squad right behind Keith Cart, who has struggled so far, could be a game-changing decision for Xisco this weekend.

The 21-year-old’s energy and right-wing attack could change the game for Watford as Keith Cart is still unable to deliver. The young can take the Hornets to the pitch and increase their chances of scoring by creating an overload on the right and possibly arranging for their teammates to cross the line.

And in other news, Xisco avoided Watford’s nightmare as details emerged on the emer 3k-pw dud transfer move.

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