¿Y la lucha contra la corruptionisón, AMLO? Mexico cae en combise index; Pasa al lugar 12 de 15 – Meczyki

Mexico There is an indication on the capacitance para Fight corruption. that would present the miracles and indicate that the attempts of gobierno mexicano to interfere in the assumptions of legislators and judiciary are mermaid of transparency and rendering of accounts in the country.

L. Indicator of Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC), presented annually by the Consulate of the Americas and which is classified as 15 parts of Latin America near the efficacy with which they can fight corruption 2019 And this is the story of Puesto 11 to 12, but only for the delante of Guatemala, Bolivia and Venezuela.

The report ascends to the Mexican president Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador has criticized the Judicial Poder or public institutes independently as the National Electoral Institution (INE). It also stated that the mandate had declared that the plane would eliminate the Executive Secretariat of the National Anticorruption System, “which would effectively improve the institutions to combat corruption”.

Por otro lado, los Organism anticorrupción en mexico If we use it, there will be some observers, to get personal benefits or accounts with names based on political motives, there will be information.

“it is Anti-Corruption Debate (d Lopez Obrador) which is positive. The problem is when this discourse is not focused on the hermeneutics, the mechanics and the presuppositions to combat corruption ”, said Alejandra Soto, a specialist in Risk Control, a global consultation on real-world contacts. “This discourse is in opposition to the other prospects, or in favor of the presidential agenda, without much debate.

The index, which is present for the cucumber vez, has various variables Variables as the independence of the judicial institutes or the resources available to combat the delightful commissions by the emperors or the goblin functions. The parallels with the most important places in the Indonesian-Costa Rica-Costa Rica are considered to be more important to see the actors corrupt processes.

The report is destined for Mexico fuerzas armadasque not están sujetas al mismo escrutinio que los organismos civiles, “Participate in major infrastructure projects.” It is believed that in the last days López Obrador escalate his critics hacked the organization of the civil society and the principle of mediation revelations of conflicts of interest and corruption that involves the question of family.

Soto dijo que un 80 por ciento de The federal contracts of the gobierno son for direct adjudication in the logarithm, que identifaría más fácilmente la corruption.

“In Mexico it is debating some components to combat the institutional corruption of manera and integral manera”, said Soto.

For the first time, the Mexican Congress has debated a presidential proposal to pioneer the Secretariat of the Public Function (SFP), an institution clave in the fight against corruption, the cargo of public relations contradictions. This tendríía negativas consecucicin, de acuerdo con el informe, “ya que la la SFP se auditaría a sí misma en lugar de que los organismos autonomos supervisen el gasto pablico”.

Tras Uruguay and Costa Rica en loos puestos most altos del indice están Chile, Perú, Republic of Dominicana, Argentina, Panamá, Colombia and Ecuador.

Brazil wants the decision to be debated, among other things, to the President جیر بولسونارو has tried to control the control over the organisms that are investigating the corruption that involves invading its aliens, give the information.

Guatemala is the other side of the coin that suffers from a debilitating disease, in part, treats the anticorruption organisms. The report states that the Minister of Public Affairs of Guatemala, due to the fiscal General Consuelo Porras, “obstructs and destroys” the functions that lead to the realization of investigations into corruption. In 2021, Estados Unidos included Porras in a list of corrupters and sanitized the functions of Guatemalatecos altogether for the best acts of corruption.