Yankees Domingo lost any German hit bid by Bolpin

Boston For seven innings on Sunday, Domingo German made one run in history.

But when he lost one of his hits on the first batsman to face him in the eighth inning, he could only watch from the dugout as the Yankees’ Balpin threw his effort down the drain.

Germany’s seven-inning essence deteriorated, changed A brutal 5-4 loss to the Red Sox In Fenway Park, the Yankees deliver their latest self-inflicted dagger of the season.

The German said through a translator, “If I could explain it, it’s like you find yourself on top of the world and all of a sudden, you fall free and you fall fast,” the German said. Said by an interpreter. “It’s difficult. It’s even harder to implement what happened, how it happened. It’s even harder to analyze everything that’s moving fast. Extremely hard.”

Germany recorded the best start of their career, throwing more than seven innings and allowing only one hit and one walk, dismissing 10. Eighth inning

Domingo German
Domingo German is seen as the Yankees lose to the Red Sox on Sunday.
Charles Weinzelberg / New York Post

Right fielder Greg Allen, who said after the game that “there’s still a lot going on in my mind,” turned around to get behind the ball and he couldn’t make a play as it fell on the warning track for a double. ۔

Manager Aaron Bone entered the day not wanting to take Germany too far from 80 pitches, he said, as the right-hander is still backing away from his three relief offers around three stellar intervals. Germany had only 70 pitches in their recent start, which is why Bonn said he did not pay any attention to keeping Germany in the game after giving up the first hit.

“I already knew we were the kind of guy in the danger zone, so we’re just going from hot to hot right now,” Bonn said. “I was definitely a little nervous where we were, but given as effective as he was and he was pitching too, and obviously he hasn’t hit a hit yet, I let him bat.” I want to give and continue. I have to decide.

Although the German said he was not feeling tired, Jonathan Luizga was relieved and walked towards his reputation.

Germany, who had never pitched in the eighth inning at any start of their career, became the first Yankees to throw seven non-hit innings against the Red Sox after Mike Messina in 2001. But he was bitten in the mouth.

“I was running pitches, and trying to be as careful as possible when visiting their lineup,” said the German. “Unfortunately I couldn’t finish what I wanted, so go all the way and the result would be different.”


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