Yankees lineup logjam solution.

It’s a puzzle, nothing more.

Well, if Luke Voight stays crap, he’ll graduate from a puzzle into a dilemma for Aaron Bone, and then eventually a cold headache. For now, though, Anthony Rizzo joined the vote on the Yankees’ active roster on Wednesday اور and the Red Sox took the bench off the starting line-up against right-hander Nick Pevita پر on the Challenge Bone. To keep Vuitt and his other players both happy and productive

Bone admitted on Wednesday that he. The first baseman spoke to Wyatt in light of the public request. Late Tuesday night to play, and suffice it to say that the Yankees manager was not too happy with the development.

“Let it go,” he insisted.

“As you begin to plan for next week or two weeks or three weeks, baseball is going to throw something at you that is going to change those plans anyway,” Bonn added. In other words, this puzzle can solve itself long before any other injury or positive COVID test.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the good issues of many of Bonn’s useful players. Jonathan Davis replaces Rizzo on the playing side, and the Yankees find themselves in five roles with six boys (Rizzo, Vuitton, Joey Gallo, Brett Gardner, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton). ). Average games six games a week (round down) With the rest of the way, these are 30 lineup slots – five positions six games – that must be filled.

The Yankees have a good problem: too many talented players and not enough position to play.
The Yankees have a good problem: too many talented players and not enough position to play.
Jason Seasons for the New York Poe.

Here’s how I’ll break them down:

  1. Aaron Judge (3 RF, 2 CF, 1 DH): The Yankees (107), who finished second last month in a game played despite Coved’s positive test, the 29-year-old has made great strides towards ending the story that he can’t stay on the field. Will affect the future agreement of (one year away from free agency, but we will deal with it another time). Bonn said Wednesday that he wants to start a judge at Centerfield instead of Gallo. Either way, the corner outfield slot for Stanton will be cleared, allowing Vote to start with DH. The judge has been the Yankees’ best everyday player so far, and his playing time reflects that.
  2. Anthony Rizzo (4 1B, 1 DH): Keep in mind that Rizzo, who revealed that he was with Kabbalah when he was not vaccinated, admitted that the corona virus got him out very well. So he doesn’t have to play every single day, and he will take advantage of the DH day as well as a day off, probably against a lefty starting pitcher.
  3. Joey Gallo (5LF, 1RF): If he and Stanton are handling corner outfield positions, then the top player, Gallo, must work hard (for example, the right field in Fenway Park). Achieving a trade deadline with Rizo’s partner is born out of a “bust” to help the Yankees win some ball games.
  4. Giancarlo Stanton (2 RF, 1 LF, 2 DH): Like Judge and Centerfield, Stanton’s fears of injury from wearing gloves have so far proved unfounded. “I love what G has done there,” Bonn said, and Stanton himself pointed out that his ability to play outfield opens up opportunities for Wyatt. So let’s see if he can start three outfields a week.
  5. Luke Vote (2DH, 2 1B): Vote 1) Remember your list of three injuries this season. 2) Recognize that these clouds will likely be separated from the off-season, whether it’s their departure from the Yankees or Rezo signing up somewhere else as an agent. And 3) enjoy the opportunity to step up as a pinch when the opponent brings a lefty reliever.
  6. Brett Gardner (4 CF): Of Soon at the age of 38, Who entered Wednesday’s game and lifted his OPS from .615 to .651 in August, may also value those days when he didn’t start as a pinch hitter, punch runner and defensive substitute. does.

“It’s all about us as a team and we’re trying to win as much as we can,” Bonn said. To solve the puzzle.


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