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Carlos Slim, Manuel Lovato, Jose Louis Orients, Alejandro Erragori y Jeff Lohno The numbers of the magnets “Made in Mexico” that have been released in the last Spanish football. Clubs Como Ovido, سلامانکا, بادجوز, Sports D. گیجن y Leganés There were captions in his red and he had an opportunity for negativity and visibility that he didn’t want to escape.

In Spanish, figures like las de Sheikh Mansoor (Manchester City) ناصر الخلیفی (Saint-Germain) has not yet been elected to the Prime Minister’s Division. At the moment, the three biggest clubs in Spain, el Real MadridL. Barcelona y el AtléticoNot only are we able to find great groups of inversors or magnates who are also interested in laughing with other great European football entities.

The experiments of the aristocracy have not been successful, and yet, the formula of the magnets of the Mexican seas empties from the abyss with un-equipo deprimido que que elevar ek las altares. This system, of the moment, or the function of al المیریاque disfrutó este curso del ascenso a Primera bajo el mando del jeque Turkish Sheikhque llegó al club en 2019 y consiguió el ansiado ascenso en su tercera temporada.

Carlos Slim, the pioneer with the Oviedo

The pioneer in the Spanish football, Carlos Slim, who appeared at the end of 2012 to save Asturian club with two million euros of current players from his empire Inmobiliaria Carso The eviction that the Oviedo incurred in a case of dissolution when it was established in the Second Division B. Además, was accompanied by the mayor’s part of the accusation.

Since then, the Asturian club has made a recurring ascendant without exploring. In the 2014/15 campaign, a passage was made to try to solve the Segunda Division. At the end of the season, if the sub-category resides: it is new, active and accepted in two occasions, deciphering and deciphering.

Jamás ha logrado siquiera dispat las eliminatorias por el ascenso a las que solo can acceder los seis primeros clasicados. However, at this time, Carlos Slim took care of Inmobiliaria Carso, he was the founder of the institutional club. Here it is, in 2019, the report is worth 1.9 million euros. Solo nesitan un ascenso, desiés de más de doc decadas sin jugar en Primera División, para poner la guinda.

Manuel Lovato, a fracas project in Salamanca


Por Salamanca, a city with a lot of futbolistic trades but not knowing the elite from its decadence, appearing in 2018 Manuel Lovato. The business of your business, Desertrollos Empresariales DeportivosJoin Salamanca UDS for co-ordination in presiding and commemorating the form of aspirants with an ascension to the Second Division B.

The three sig- ness temporadas supusieron un frenazo para su projecto. In 2019/20, it was decided and saved in the last year; en la 2020/21, new; And last but not least, the position of the new to the third RFEF in December, the category of Spanish football. Jugó con fuego varios años seguidos y se acabó quemando.

Lovato tiene fama de evitar las apariciones pablicas. Find the present in El Helmántico to see live the ultimate and decisive journal. You will get compostela, but other results will be given to the category. The main aim of the project is to bring together the statistic of the club of the club for a million euros, because the club has a vivacious and organizational causal relationship with the mediums of communication with vets and impulses at work.

اورانٹس ، لوہنو ای ارراگوری ، the latest in Spanish football

Slim and Lovato tend to be part of the temporal period. The three numbers, José Luis Orantes, Alejandro Irarragorri and Jeff Luhnow, carry the cargo of Badajoz, the Sporting and the Leganés, respectfully. Los tres, tienen un duro trabajo por delante.

All, as Slim in the Oviedo and Lovato in the UDS Salamanca, were assisted by the emperor in an escalator for the debacle of the first division. Y, the first of the elves in the forest, by Apenas unas horas, has been Jeff Luhnow, who is convinced of this because of the division of the Leganés of Segunda division from the caterpillars to the power of Victoria Pavón and Felipe Moreno and the adrrides 99.1 Because of the activities of the club madrileño.

Luhnow, an innovator in sports

Luhnow is the property of the company Blue Crow Sports and has experience in other football clubs (also presided over) Cancun FC Mexico). Ademeás, the revolution with its analysis of the analysis of the league of baseball in St. Louis. Louis Cardinals and the Houston Astros.


The idea of ​​Mexican-statistical engineering, made in its prime declarations, would be impossible for Leganés to read the cantera and the ‘big data’. Y, todo a largo plazo. The objection will be made to the Prime Minister’s Division after two more insurances in Segunda.

We love the Leganés longest time and it was the club we wanted. We’re going to get away with it, but the excitement isn’t there. If only it were like this, sacrificing the future for the present. This does not mean that the reto will not always win and the league will be categorized. But we will be able to compete among the great ones, we will have more lists and more agile and invite in the canteens ”, said Luhnow and his first declarations to the princess.

Oriente Bisca Asander Albadajouz

Casi a la vez que Luhnow, el empresariio José Luis Orantes, desembarcó en el Badajoz como accionista mayoritario (59.85 per ciento) a través de Atlantis Capital como dueño de Lanuspe SL al 60 por ciento. The other 40, will be for the Oliver group, which will represent the accusation. The cabeza is visible, being the abode of Diego García.


In this case, 99.75 per cent of the Social Capital of Badajoz will become the Lanuspe, which represents 59.85 per cent of the Atlantis Capital and 39.90 per group of Oliver. El 0.25 queda en manos de pequeños accionistas.

Orantes no es ningún desconocido en el mundo del futbal. Like Luhnow, he has experience in various clubs in his country. L. Saltillo FCThe Cancún FC, which sold, precisely, the Luhnow, conceded the gestión of the Mexican Empire, which, ahora, in the Badajoz, attempted to subdue the Second Division, its historical story.

Irarragorri extiende sus horizontes

And this is the official part of Sporting’s part of Alejandro Irarragorri, make him responsible Group or Leaguedueño del Santos y del Atlas De la Liga MX. Here we are, with the approval of the Superior Consortium of Deportes (CSD) to improve the competition, via Gijón to make effective the judgment of the tutorial of Javier Fernández, the actual Maximo accionista and President of the Asturian club.


Eraragorri SE encountered a UN club deprived of a tempo aciaga en la que peleó casi hasta el final por no parder la categoría. Sporting, a history of the first division, according to the time spent in the second grade in the course of 2016/17.

Tender the titanic train to bring glory to a club that lives up to its exit more exits to the finals of the Centennial or Heads of the Eighteenth Century. The game of Sporting Quini, Joaquin, Cundi, Ferrero or Mesa, took place in the second season in 1978/79 and two Copa del Rey finals in 1981 and 1982.

At the moment, Irarragorri will have to fight a good match to compete in Segunda. Igual que su Maximo rival, El Oviedo, also in other Mexican men, Carlos Slim, acumula años sin consiguir devolver a su equipo al sueño de Primera. Los derbis asturianos ahora también tendrán un componente mexicano inimaginable hace años, pero real en 2022. Igual de real que el desembarco de magnates de mexico en el e football futbal, el “Dorado” poercoubeto ya.